The Top Steve Jobs Keynote Moments

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Keynote speeches by Steve Jobs, the co-founder and CEO of Apple, Inc., have become something of a cultural event. Especially as of August 24, 2011, when he resigned as CEO of Apple. So, relentlessly analyzed, interpreted, live-blogged and picked apart for details, these "Steve-notes," as they have come to be called, give insight not only into the new products and features Apple will be touting in the coming fiscal quarter, but Jobs' own outlook on gadgets and technology. With Jobs ongoing struggles with illness, his physical appearance and demeanor as well have become fodder for armchair pundits and tech obsessives.

This list will count down some of our favorite moments from Steve Jobs' many speeches and presentations over the years. Some of them are notable for how ahead of the curve and visionary Jobs was at the time. Others because of the expert way he navigates the events themselves, smoothing over technical difficulties and essentially inventing the branding for items like the iPhone or the iPad live on stage. And some just because we think it's amusing when Steve calls things "magical." So fire up your Humancentipad and relax as we bring you this list of Greatest Steve Jobs Keynote Moments!

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