The Total Package (These Women Got It All) People
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The Total Package (These Women Got It All)

Every man and woman in America is looking for that significant other that possess these 3 elusive words "The Total Package". Now this definition will differ depending on who you are. To women "The Total Package" is a man that's handsome, rich, successful, treats you right out of the bedroom and makes you, you know what in the bedroom. That is why I'm glad I'm not a woman they complicate the meaning of "The Total Package". "The Total Package" to a man lies in 3 things: Beauty, Boobs, and Bootie, I call it the 3 B's. That's all that most men care about. So with all that in mind I made a list for all the men out there of the top 50 women in my opinion that have "The Total Package". Now to get a woman's TP# (Total Package Number) you add the 3 B's together and then divide by 3. These women are ranked according to their TP#, do you agree or do you think my system is flawed. Vote on which woman you think possesses "The Total Package" CAUTION!!! For those who want to use this system at home it only works for women who aren't ugly and women who keep themselves in good shape (no offense). Enjoy!
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    Jessica Alba

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    + 41
    - 6
    Beauty=10 Boobs=4 Bootie=6=20 TP#=6.7

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