The Greatest 80s Catch Phrases Quotations
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The Greatest 80s Catch Phrases

List of the greatest, most memorable, and most popular catch phrases from 80s. Sayings and catch phrases are a fixture in pop culture, and the generation that came of age during the 1980s should get a rush of nostalgia from revisiting these "pre-Internet memes" and jokes from 30 years ago or more.

A number of these catch phrases have remained popular, or have undergone a renaissance in recent years. Mr. T's memorable quote, "I pity the fool" has remained his most recognizable routine, and figured in to the recent big screen adaptation of the show "The A-Team." Al Pacino's delivery of the key line from Brian De Palma's "Scarface" remains a frequently parodied and iconic movie moment. This just goes to show that 80s quotes are more easily remembered if they are regularly repeated and resurfaced... so, by all means, feel free!

Though catch phrases are often depicted as hacky or mocked as a low-brow form of comedy, no matter how witty they are, it's undeniable that they have the power to connect millions of people around a humorous phrase or observation. What are the best catch phrases from the 80s? Tell us: what's your favorite 80s saying? Below are 20 of our favorite examples. Vote for your favorite catch phrases from the 80s and leave other funny suggestions in the comments!

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    Thunder, thunder, thundercats... Hooo!

    The Saturday morning TV show, Thundercats, featured a triumphant call to action, using a powerful and phallic sword that would double in size and grant the holder (LionO, the main character of the show) with greater abilities. Every time he needed to fight, he would call upon the power of the sword at its full potential by screaming "Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats... Hooo!"

    It was the primary catchphrase of this show, and it became a catchphrase in skits and a few lampooning cartoons when references to 80s cartoons became popular.

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    Holy macanoli!

    Punky Brewster, the TV sitcom with the tween scamp that won the hearts of America.

    Whenever surprised, shocked, or in disbelief, Soleil Moon Frye would yell this Punky Brewster catchphrase, which turned into a great way for other little kids around the country swear, G-rated style.

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