The Greatest 80s Catch Phrases Quotations
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The Greatest 80s Catch Phrases

List of the greatest, most memorable, and most popular catch phrases from 80s. Sayings and catch phrases are a fixture in pop culture, and the generation that came of age during the 1980s should get a rush of nostalgia from revisiting these "pre-Internet memes" and jokes from 30 years ago or more.

A number of these catch phrases have remained popular, or have undergone a renaissance in recent years. Mr. T's memorable quote, "I pity the fool" has remained his most recognizable routine, and figured in to the recent big screen adaptation of the show "The A-Team." Al Pacino's delivery of the key line from Brian De Palma's "Scarface" remains a frequently parodied and iconic movie moment. This just goes to show that 80s quotes are more easily remembered if they are regularly repeated and resurfaced... so, by all means, feel free!

Though catch phrases are often depicted as hacky or mocked as a low-brow form of comedy, no matter how witty they are, it's undeniable that they have the power to connect millions of people around a humorous phrase or observation. What are the best catch phrases from the 80s? Tell us: what's your favorite 80s saying? Below are 20 of our favorite examples. Vote for your favorite catch phrases from the 80s and leave other funny suggestions in the comments!

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    I pity the fool...

    The A-Team. B.A. BARACUS would often say it in reference to someone who would mess with him/the team.

    This is basically what Mr. T is known for. It probably doesn't help that he still dresses, speaks, and acts exactly like the character that coined the phrase.

    This phrase may also be used in reference to absolutely anyone who is about to get their ass kicked.

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    Say hello to my little friend

    Scarface. The main character (Tony Montana) unleashes a Tommy Gun from under his coat and exclaims to the people he's shooting to "say hello to [his] little friend". It's such a ridiculous, funny, yet violent part of the movie that it really stuck with everyone.

    Whenever you brandish pretty much anything of power or importance by surprise, you can use this phrase. It's been so overdone in pop culture at this point that a lot of people don't even know where it's from.

    It's often been used to brandish literal "little friends" from under coats (little people, fictional characters, penises).

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    Terminator. Arnold's Terminator character is at a police station and is told to wait for something. He calmly tells the officer at the counter that he'll be back. He drives a freaking car through the police station.

    Pretty much any time Arnold Scharzenegger leaves any place, he still uses this quote of his to state the fact that he will return. This has been parodied in pop culture ever since its inception and has since become the most memorable line from the Terminator franchise next to "Come with me if you want to live".

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    A tagline for Wendy's fast food commercials in the 1980s, the question was posited to highlight the relative lack of beef in competing restaurant's burgers.

    Any time you want to question the substance of something.

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    Whatchu talkin' 'bout, willis?

    The popular catchphrase said in almost every episode by Gary Coleman's character "Arnold" in the popular 80s TV show Diff'rnt Strokes.

    The catchphrase penetrated pop culture in a way that few others have. It's still the thing that has carried Gary Coleman's career, and will forever be his legacy. They had plenty of guest stars come on the show, and occasionally they would be graced with Arnold delivering his famous catchphrase.

    Say what you will about Coleman, or catchphrases in general, but these moments were often the highlight of every episode.

    Now, some people use it as just a way to ask what someone is saying.

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    I've fallen and I can't get up

    An infomercial where an old woman falls, can't get up, and delivers the line in such a cheeseball, ridiculous fashion that people couldn't help but laugh. The incident in the commercial is actually supposed to be quite dire, but give it to America to make one, long, ongoing joke about it.

    Whenever anyone falls, say the line the way the old woman said it in the commercial, as melodramatically as possible.

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