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The Very Best Charlie McDonnell Videos

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As perhaps the most popular YouTube star in the United Kingdom and the first in the UK to reach one million subscribers, the very best Charlie McDonnell videos are funny, educational and sometimes just plain goofy. Going under the channel names charlieissocoollike and charlieissoboredlike, among others, Charlie McDonnell went from being a British teen to one of the most well known Internet sensations around.

Charles Joseph McDonnell was born on October 1, 1990, in Bath, Somerset, England. In 2007, he created the charlieissocoollike YouTube channel and began posting video blogs. One video in particular, "How To Get Featured on YouTube," actually got featured on YouTube and Charlie went from just another vlogger to an overnight success.

Since that time, Charlie has created hundreds of videos of his own, many just a few seconds of hilarity long, and appeared on other channels, including in collaborative efforts with other YouTube celebrities.

The next time you need a laugh, would like to learn something, want to kill some time or just are looking for some entertainment, check out one of the many hilarious Charlie McDonnell YouTube videos.
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    Understanding Teenage Boys

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    Feeling Inspired

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    Comic Relief Fail

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    The Wall of Stuff

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    Dear Future Charlie

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