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FPSRussia, or Dimitri as you may know him, is a YouTube star who shares his love for firearms with adoring fans around the world on the Internet. Masterminded by Kyle Myers, FPSRussia has gone from a guy who posted video game videos online to one of the most-subscribed YouTube channels out there. Clearly, if you love guns or video games or boobs or watching things get blown up, your life is not complete without FPSRussia.

Like any good Russian, FPSRussia goes under several different aliases including his real name, Kyle Myers, his first YouTube channel name, klm5986, and several other names like FPS Kyle, FpsMcDuck, McDuck, FpsKyle Money and others.

While he's got the guns and the aliases, plus a convincing accent, like a Russian, Myers was actually raised on a farm in Georgia. Myers was raised around firearms and even spent time as a competitive target shooter before taking his love for guns and video games involving guns to the Internet.

In 2009, Myers, as klm5986, posted his first video narrating Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare play. His videos caught on and Myers went on to combine his hobbies with his one-time Russian boss to create the Dimitri persona. The rest, including a collaboration with other YouTube stars including the food pornagraphers at Epic Meal Time, is history.

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