The Very Best of the @Qwikster Twitter Feed Anything
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The Very Best of the @Qwikster Twitter Feed

On September 19, 2011, Netflix decided that they were going to branch out into two companies, one that handles streaming, and one that handles just the DVD-to-mail part of the business. They decided to change the name of the most well known service of its kind in the industry to "Qwikster". But what they didn't think about was that on the day that one of the most successful companies in rentals announced a new brand, they did not secure their Twitter handle @Qwikster. It's owned by a young teenager/thug that goes by that handle on Twitter. These are his Tweets.
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    @Qwikster Receives Thousands of Dollars in Bids, Plays Soccer. Smart.

    He's received thousands of dollars in bids from people wanting to buy his handle from him, and not only is he not really doing much about it, but he's going to play soccer. That bee probably stung him in order to commit suicide after learning about his plans to play soccer when he could be making thousands.

    This was his reaction to Netflix wanting to buy his handle:

    "Some ppl"? Really? A public company. I don't think this kid knows what he could be making, what's happening or how huge it could be for him. This is as frustrating as an episode of Mister Magoo.
  2. 2

    @Qwikster Makes a Hard Decision

    The greatest part of this particular Tweet is seeing the struggle in this young man's decision-making process. It has a happy ending, as he uses the lesser-known internet slang "LLS", which, in case you don't regularly use this phrase, stands for "laughing like sh*t".
  3. 3

    @Qwikster Has a Positive Outlook on Emotional Baggage

  4. 4

    @Qwikster, Unfortunately, Will Probably Have to Do This Again

  5. 5

    @Qwikster Creates Another Word Riddle

    I have no idea what this means.
  6. 6

    @Qwikster Should Probably Pay More Attention During This Particular Class

    I mean, he should at least learn how to use the word "about".
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