The Very Best of the "You Are Drunk" Meme Anything
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The Very Best of the "You Are Drunk" Meme

The "You Are Drunk" meme features various animals, objects or plants either in places where they really should not be or performing actions that are very unusual. These are usually hilarious stand-alone pictures in of themselves, but attributing the characteristic of being drunk to them elevates the humor to a whole other level. Anthropomorphizing something like a house and calling it drunk because of poor craftsmanship is just funny for some reason. Calling a piano drunk because it's up in a tree is really damn funny too. I don't know why but the "Piano, You Are Drunk" or the "Bruce, You Are Drunk" or even the "Tree, You Are Drunk" viral photos are just great single images.

They started out as viral images on places like Reddit, 9Gag (I know, they actually contributed to something for once) and 4Chan and eventually graduated as a whole way to characterize an object, animal or plant in a picture that seems to be in a completely ridiculous situation.

So here, in one place, are the greatest "You Are Drunk" posts on the internet (so far).

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