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The Very Best of the "That Feel" Meme

The "That Feel" or "I Know That Feel, Bro" meme incorporates that weird, off putting Feel Guy reaction face juxtaposed into different "feel" puns using images from pop culture or even other memes from around the internet. The Feel meme is posted in threads on sites like 4Chan and sometimes Reddit when someone tells a sad story about themselves and people post either similar stories or encouraging advice along with a picture of the "That Feel Guy" or "Wojak" face. The face means that not only does the person posting it know what OP (the original poster of any thread on the internet) is talking about, but that they've been through the same thing.

What are the best That Feel memes? It's really one of the most earnest, kind of sad, yet absolutely hilarious memes in the internet because of the insane amount of work people have put into putting that face into dozens of different situations.

So here, in one place, is the very best of the I Know That Feel meme.
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