The Very Best of the Bad Joke Eel Meme

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The very best of the Bad Joke Eel meme includes this crazy moray eel's worst jokes about anything and everything. This is one eel who really knows how to tell a crappie crappy joke, but hey, he memes well. Get it? Memes? Never mind. Enjoy this list of greatest hits from the Bad Joke Eel meme, and feel free to vote for your favorites. You can also vote down the worst...but really, in this case, the worst are actually the best. Or something like that.

Yes, the Bad Joke Eel tries, very hard, to be funny -- but he rarely succeeds. All the other fish in the sea are rolling their collective eyes at him as he glides around telling his jokes to any sea creature who'll listen. He seems to have a particular affinity for mermaids and their lingerie, and he's not afraid to tell slightly offensive jokes, either. He also seems very up on current events, from SOPA to Kony, and he even ventures into jokes about tabloid fodder.

These are some of the best examples of the Bad Joke Eel's terrible, terrible jokes. There's no doubt that this is one eel who will never, ever, be coming soon to a comedy club near you. Unless you live under the sea. Then you might see him headlining.

What best bad joke eel memes? Take a look here as this list features the best of the best.

The Bad Joke Eel does his best to be funny, but unfortunately for him, he's not gifted with the natural joke-telling abilities of oh, say, the Business Cat and he'll never come close to approaching the annoying, opinionated charm of Hipster Ariel. Hey, at least he's not struggling with mental illness, like the Paranoid Parrot, amiright?

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    Bad Joke Eel Loves Ethnic Jokes

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    Bad Joke Eel on Female Dogs

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    Bad Joke Eel on Kitchen Appliances

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    Bad Joke Eel on Weddings

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    Bad Joke Eel on Theft

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    Bad Joke Eel on Fish Driving

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    Bad Joke Eel on Overexerting

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    Bad Joke Eel on Weighing Fish

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