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The Very Best of the Checkmate Atheists Meme

Checkmate Atheists is a meme that features unbelievably absurd arguments that "support" the existence of God, therefore beating atheism into the ground once and for all. Each statement, fittingly ends with "Checkmate Atheists". Whether it's contending that there's no way the moon could exist without God or that women were made weaker so they could be submissive to their husbands, there's plenty of fodder to "trap" atheists into believing in God here in the Checkmate Atheists meme.

What are the greatest funny God memes making fun of Christianity? Here are the most hilariously infuriating examples of a meme that makes fun of the Christian right's disdain for science.

The Very Best of the Checkmate Atheists Meme Anything
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    The Original Video


    This is what started it all. And it was totally worth it. This absolutely absurd video takes a few facts, simplifies them, then twists the words so that the most irrational possible explanation "proves" these scientific facts wrong. Made by Edward Current, noted atheist satirist.

    It stars a guy who satirically uses parts of The Bible to try and prove science wrong. It's amazing.

    He does it 10 times in the video and it's hilarious. Once this hit the internet, it went extremely viral, and everyone with a sense of humor about religion started adding to it, then tore apart similar arguments.

    If you thought this was real, and I actually did at first, remember to always check the tags on videos like this (special thanks to Russell Glasser from Free Thought Blogs for the heads up).

    A great example of this kind of insane argument in real life is the following video starring a notable evangelist and one Mr. Kirk Cameron. The following is what inspired the video above.

    This, of course, led to the meme we're rounding up here that features a cocksure Christian making absolutely ridiculous statements in order to disprove commonly known facts, using the term "Checkmate" after every single one.

    So here, in one place, is the best of the Checkmate Atheists meme, in all its frustratingly non-sensical glory.

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    21 Facts Evolutionists CAN'T ANSWER


    This is a satirical video, and easily the greatest example of this meme, that states some ridiculous questions and trolls people by posing some of the dumbest questions you'll ever hear juxtaposed with some of the most hilarious "anti-evolutionist" pictures you'll ever see.

    Sadly, a lot of people thought this video was real when it came out and people were really bent out of shape about it. Luckily, the creator of the video isn't that dumb, and ended up trolling the people he meant to support.

    Either way, this video is unbelievable and amazing.

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    The Checkmate Atheists Tumblr

    A Tumblr account (that can be found here) putting some of the greatest "points" of the meme into pictures so you can share the joy. Here are some of their greatest posts:

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    This One Actually Makes Sense

  5. 5


    This is one infographic reiterating the insane point made seriously by grown adults in the anti-evolution video above (once again, starring Kirk Cameron!) where an evangelist "proves" the existence of God by using a banana, which is 100% real.

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    Your Nose Was Built By God

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    You Can't Explain That...

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    This Was ACTUALLY on The O'Reilly Factor

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    The Water on Earth Argument

  12. 12

    Your Mind Will Explode with This One

  13. 13

    On The Weather

  14. 14

    On the Sun's Rotation

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    Intelligent Design

  16. 16

    The Shape of Candy Canes

  17. 17

    If Jesus Wasn't Real...

  18. 18

    Chickens and Eggs

  19. 19

    On Gravity

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    Bill Cosby on Atheism

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