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The Very Best of the Force Push/Obi-Wan Hates Meme

The best of the Force Push/Obi-Wan Hates meme. This meme is all about wrecking the day of something you hate. It's a scene of a young Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace where Obi-Wan uses the force against some hapless enemies. The clips that get attached to the force are generally of things being knocked off course like a car, an animal, or some inanimate object. Obi-Wan's hate causes nothing but destruction and despair (and oft times hilarity) as he clears the path of anything he doesn't want blocking his way.

The ire of a bearded Ewan McGregor is taken out on running dogs that get in his way, television characters that have no business standing where they're standing, skateboarders whose tricks might not have gone horribly awry, and even unsuspecting animals mid-fornication. That Obi-Wan is one pissed off guy.

This is a round-up of the best of the Force Push/Obi-Wan meme as voted on by you! Think the missed basketball shots are better than the skateboarding trick gone bad? Vote them up, it's your call.

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