The Very Best of the Futurama Fry Meme

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Like all good Internet memes, the "Futurama" Fry meme ponders the great mysteries of life and asks the questions we're all thinking but rarely have the guts to ask out loud. Using a screen capture from the Matt Groening prime time cartoon "Futurama," main character Fry can be seen pondering something extremely thought provoking. Since it's unclear exactly what's on his mind, the image creates the perfect opportunity to add your own caption and ponder the important things in life.

For all of us who think something but are too sissy to ask it, the "F*turama" Fry meme can help. Not sure if a woman is pregnant or just fat and don't want to get punched? Curious if your roommate is masturbating or having some strange dream but don't want to interrupt him to find out? Can't tell if what you're looking at is a man or a woman but don't want to look stupid by questioning the person? Feeling unsure if you were a good drunk or a bad drunk last night but really not sober enough to care? Don't worry, let "Futurama" Fry ask these tough questions and more!

While the possibilities for the "Futurama" Fry meme questions are endless and highly comical, the actual scene from which the image was taken is pretty funny itself. The image comes from a season two episode of the series, which originally aired on February 20, 2000.

Along with the other "Futurama" characters of Bender and Leela, Fry is searching for an evil twin robot named Flexo who looks exactly like Bender but is, well, evil. Fry looks in the most reasonable place, Leela's underwear drawer and she catches him. Bender interrupts, prompting Fry to give him the evil squinty glare as shown in the meme image while he contemplates if the robot he's looking at is really Bender or Flexo.

Pretty sure whichever robot Fry was actually looking at is irrelevant at this point. Clearly the evil glare alone, which created this Internet meme, is more than enough to put this image in the win column for all mankind.

What is the best Futurama fry meme? Look here and decide.
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