The Very Best of the Guido Jesus Meme

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The very best of the Guido Jesus meme takes us on a fantastical journey into the world if Jesus himself lived on the Jersey Shore. Forget turning water into wine, Guido Jesus is all about the Jager bombs, Patron tequila and protein shakes as he flexes for the ladies and shows off his bronzed abs.

The image macro meme rose to prominence in July 2011 after an image of the Jesus lookalike was posted on Reddit. Internet users saw the resemblance to both the biblical figure and someone who you'd see intoxicated on trashy reality television and the Guido Jesus meme was born.

Just like the GTL'ed characters on "Jersey Shore," Guido Jesus has no issues with self esteem and why should he with guns like that. He spends his days showing off his goods to the ladies, partying and hitting the gym. Of course Guido Jesus also is known to perform a miracle or two, since the ladies love that and all.

Also like the characters on "Jersey Shore," Guido Jesus is a real person, however far from Italian and far from God-like. According to Reddit users, Guido Jesus is a 42-year-old man from Turkey who is also known for his legal troubles.

Reddit members connected the man in the meme to a face in Dutch crime columns after a prostitution ring was busted in November 2008. Guido Jesus was allegedly arrested with two other men for forcing young girls into prostitution and laundering money. These claims have yet to be proven, however photos and videos of the suspect resemble the man in the Guido Jesus images.

Gosh Guido Jesus, way to make Scumbag Steve look like Good Guy Greg in comparison!

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