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The Very Best of the Insanity Wolf Meme

Plain and simple, Insanity Wolf is bats#!% insane. He'll dominate you, make you cry, kill your puppy and laugh about it all night long. Insanity Wolf is everything that is and can be inappropriate and wrong with this world wrapped up in one super-scary wolf image. Don't mess with Insanity Wolf, that is unless you have a death wish. Insanity Wolf is NSFW, crude and profane, not that he gives a $#!^.

Insanity Wolf has serious issues, but don't blame his family, especially his distant (and sane) cousin the Courage Wolf. Insanity Wolf was created by some disturbed individuals with serious mental problems and overactive imaginations at the Internet forum 4chan in 2009. Using a popular stock photo of a vicious wolf, the image macro meme was born and continued to grow in the years since. By grow, of course we mean deteriorate and become more and more messed up.

The Insanity Wolf needs to be locked up and the key needs to be thrown away. He needs to be muzzled like Hannibal Lector to stop his never-ending desires for rape and murder. Seriously, Insanity Wolf needs a prison sentence and a good therapist.

What are the best of the Insanity Wolf meme? Take a look here and see for yourself.

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