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The Very Best of the Paranoid Parrot Meme

The Paranoid Parrot meme offers a look at a fine, feathered friend who has serious issues. This bird is paranoid to the extreme. He's convinced that his girlfriend hates him, that he's about to be killed in nasty ways and/or that he's dying of some bizarre illness (which may or may not actually affect birds). He frets constantly about Reddit, worries that other memes are out to get him and is deathly afraid of insects. Yes, the very best of the Paranoid Parrot meme highlights this poor exotic bird's paranoia, allowing us a brief glimpse into the world of aviary mental illness.

The Paranoid Parrot meme began circulating around 2009, at first, on Tumblr and later, everywhere else! Today, the Paranoid Parrot has his own Twitter account, allowing him to freely expound (in 140 characters or less) his fears and (totally irrational) concerns. He worries constantly that he's losing meme popularity. He worries his Twitter followers will unfollow him. He's constantly in fear of being robbed. He even worries that people think he's a pedophile (can birds even BE pedophiles?). Poor, poor birdie. Behold, some of the very best examples of the Paranoid Parrot meme.
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    Paranoid Parrot is Afraid He's Going to Be Killed

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