The Very Best of the Relatable Romney Meme

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The Relatable Romney meme takes advantage of the fact that Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is a 1%er that cannot seem to relate to anybody on earth except corporations and the ultra-rich.

The man makes more money while going to the bathroom than you will this month, most likely, and his silver spoon upbringing has given him a handicap in the presidential race that will be the right's most difficult hurdle: how do you make Mitt Romney, a man rich enough to own multiple mult-million dollar homes, who owns multiple cars and funds a lot of his campaign, "human" or "relatable"?

This relatable Romney meme puts puns and wordplay to use while making fun of the fact that presidential nominee Mitt Romney is so rich that he says things like "corporations are people" and tries to relate to NASCAR fans by letting them know that some of his friends own teams.

So now, all in one place, is the very best of the relatable Mitt Romney meme. Photos taken from Reddit, Tumblr, Quickmeme and more.

Mitt Romney's meme really will end up being, after the election is over, one of the many factors that prove he's not really "American" enough to be president. Time will tell, but if he loses the election, it will be because the middle of the country, the poorest section of America (who makes up a lot of the right wing's "base") simply cannot connect to a man who has everything they want and can never have.

This Mitt Romney relatable meme shows a line on top stating how he understands exactly what people feel about an important issue, but then ruins it with a very entitled, rich and obliviously disconnected anecdote or example as to how he relates. And it's always pretty damn funny.

The Best of the Relatable Romney Meme.

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