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The Very Best of The Rich Kids of Instagram Tumblr

The Rick Kids of Instagram Tumblr showcases some of the most wanton spending by rich kids you will ever see. From outrageous nightclub receipts, to private yachts, to million dollar watches, these rich kids have - and spend - more money than everyone in your office makes in a year. Maybe several years. And to clarify, these are not the richest people in the world, these are their offspring who have not, more times than not, done anything to earn the money they blow through like a stack of one (hundred) dollar bills at the strip club.

These spoiled rich kids are buying expensive cars, Nebuchadnezzars of Dom Perignon (that's 15 liters, or 20 bottles, of champagne in one giant container), diamond encrusted Rolex watches, and tiger cubs. Seriously, tiger cubs. No big deal. They vacation in St. Tropez, get Bentleys for their spoiled sweet 16 parties, and pretty much don't give a sh*t about how much stuff costs. They revel in the fact that they're part of the 1%. They make Scumbag Steve look like Good Guy Greg. With them, you hate the player and the game.

So have a look at these actual rich kids of Instagram, upvote the worst of the worst, and find hate in your heart you never knew you had. You won't have to try hard.

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