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The Very Best of the Samuel L. Jackson Meme

The very best of the Samuel L. Jackson meme highlights the best of the best of the angry actor's ire, and it's probably a good idea not to mess with him. Ever. He double dares you. He's a mad, mad man with a huge gun and it's pointed right at you, daring you to utter the lyrics to 'Friday' one more time. Just one more time. Come know you want to.

The Samuel L. Jackson meme is a defender of other memes: He's got Good Guy Greg' meme's back, for instance. But whatever you do (and we're talking to you, Redditors), don't post any more of those damn College Freshman memes (again, especially on Reddit). If you do, he'll mess you up. Yes, the Samuel L. Jackson meme is so intimidating, he might help you finally rid yourself of the Horrifying Houseguest meme. He'll order you to go to sleep - and if you don't comply, he'll make you sleep permanently. Another tip: No snake jokes. He's heard them all - he's SAID the best snake-related line in movie history, after all. So leave that alone, clean up after yourself, don't eat his food and sit quietly, suffering the wrath of the Samuel L. Jackson meme in silence.
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    Samuel L. Jackson Meme: Urges Common Sense

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