The Very Best of the Scumbag Stacy Meme Anything
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The Very Best of the Scumbag Stacy Meme

In the spirit of any guy who's ever been wronged by a woman, and the female version of Scumbag Steve, these are the 50+ greatest "dude I've totally been through that" moments from the most controversial meme in Advice Animal meme history: Scumbag Stacy. Scumbag Stacy is that girl you've always pined after, done absolutely everything for, but will never have. And everyone hates her. Let's embrace our nerd rage in a round-up of the best of Scumbag Stacy because bro, we've all been there.

What are the best of the Scumbag Stacy meme? Take a look here and hopefull you'll get a nice laugh out Scumbag Stacy.
  1. Who is Scumbag Stacy?

    DISCLAIMER: Accompanying images removed by request of Copyright owner. For the best of this meme, please go to where the meme started: Reddit/r/AdviceAnimals

    If you're a fellow internet-savvy guy who peruses way too much porn, then you might know the girl in the now-super-popular Scumbag Stacy meme from a set of amateur pictures of an incredibly beautiful girl in black short shorts who eventually strips down to just a tie after a set that if I could find, I PROMISE I would link you to. Here's the original most popular picture of this girl. Yes, I found it and yes, I am a genius.

    At some point at the beginning of the set lies the main picture which became the macro for the Scumbag Stacy (or Scumbag Stacey or Scumbag Girl) meme. This picture was used because she's wearing a sideways hat, much like the incredibly popular Scumbag Steve meme, so the picture of this hot girl in a sideways cap was used to turn around the concept and make a female version of Scumbag Steve: Scumbag Stacy.


    This ended up being by far the most controversial "Advice Animal" meme because it was misused and misunderstood by one too many bitter nerds who don't understand the basics of not projecting their insecurity, and definitely don't understand the basics of relationships between men and women and we ended up with some fights.

    THIS, for example, is the template a lot of dudes took with this meme... which is sad.

    This led to problems...

    So, then why collect a meme that's clearly being misused as an anti-woman machine for people who don't know how to actually treat women?... Because a lot of the ones that weren't as bad as the one above, are actually pretty good, and follow...

    The actual formula for this meme is actually pretty damn funny, considering it's a collection of observations of the worst things that women do to men, mostly while dating in college and in our 20s. If you're a guy, all of these have happened to you at some point, and a meme like this could easily be made about men... it just hasn't happened yet.

    All of these things can be justified with "well she has the right to make that decision" or "she probably just wasn't into him cause he's a loser/ugly"... but the point of this meme is to share this stuff with other dudes and relate, not to justify anyone's actions. It's like those constant political rallies that happen outside my apartment every weekend, sure they're better people than me and probably have a great reason for what they're doing, but it doesn't make them any less annoying.

    So, now that we've gone through all the necessary caveats, here's the best of the most controversial meme in "Advice Animal" history, and some of the worst things that have happened to all of us guys due to chicks that broke our hearts, betrayed us, a friend of ours, or simply acted like complete scumbags, thus leading to intense disillusion. Enjoy!

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