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The Very Best of the Slowpoke Meme

What's that? Super Nintendo is out? MySpace is hip? The NFL lockout is over? Steve Jobs quit? As the very best of the Slowpoke meme shows, Slowpoke is, well, slow. Ever felt like you were the last person on earth to find out something huge? Don't feel so bad after reading how out of touch the Slowpoke is.

As an image macro meme, Slowpoke is one of several memes created by the Internet group 4chan. The images feature a picture of a Slowpoke Pokemon character along with a surprising fact the Slowpoke just learned. Typically, Slowpoke just hears about really big news months or years after it happens, but Slowpoke is also a fan of old technology, like pagers, and just like the musically oblivious 8th grader, has no sense of what is new or cool at the moment.

If there was a such thing as an opposite of a hipster, Slowpoke would fit that like a glove. So here's to Slowpoke and his love for everything that is no longer cool.

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    Slowpoke Learns About Himself

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