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The Very Best Viral Conan Clips of 2012

This list of the Very Best Viral Conan Clips of 2012 includes some of the best Conan sketches of the year. 2012 was a good year for Team Coco, and this list has all the viral video clips from the Conan O'Brien Show to prove it. If you're looking for funny videos, or silly sketch comedy, this is the place to be.

These funny clips from the Conan show include Triumph the Insult Comic Dog covering the Presidential election, the iPad mini launch, funny videos of seniors using electronics and social media, and even a visit by Conan to the Guinness brewery. These hilarious videos are sure to make you laugh, cry, maybe even pee your pants a little.

What is the Best Viral Conan Clip of 2012? That's up to you to say! This votable list of Conan's best clips from the year here for your viral video viewing pleasure. Think iPad clips were the funniest videos of 2012? Or did old people texting make for the best video of the year? Or do you say nay to both and choose Conan's cornrows as the video clip that brings the funny? Cast your vote and say so now. Enjoy this list of the Very Best Viral Conan Clips of 2012 and, if you're into Conan O'Brien, check out the Very Best Conan O'Brien Quotes for more Coco.

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    Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the Final Presidential Debate

    If I wanted political advice from a dog with a cigar I'd call Monica Lewinsky (topical!).

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    Guy Fieri Eating In Reverse

    Not quite as good as Paula Deen riding a stick of butter, but somewhere in the grossly satisfying spectrum.

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    Arnold's Alternate "I'll Be Back" Catchphrases

    Not gonna lie, I'm surprised Arnold has more than those three words in his vocabulary.

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    Conan and Alex Morgan Review Just Dance 4

    For complete video click here: Conan and Alex Morgan Review Just Dance 4

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    Clueless Gamer: Hitman Absolution

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    Conan's Makeover

    If there's anything finer in life than ginger cornrows, I have yet to find it.

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