The Weirdest Celebrity Deformities People
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The Weirdest Celebrity Deformities

Celebrities with weird deformities... Extra nipples, fingers, feet, and more
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    1986 Gemma was born with extra fingers

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    1956 Born with an attached twin

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    1984 Has Only 2 toes on one foot.

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    1970 Missing tip of thumb from car accident

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    1982 Has 6 Nipples

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    added by carlybobarly 1969 Missing tip of right middle finger due to childhood accident

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    added by Celebrity Insider 1954 Has a congenital condition (Situs Inversus) where major organs are on opposite sides of her ...

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    added by Celebrity Insider 1967 Has a "port wine birthmark" covering his left hand

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    added by Ariel Kana 1960 Missing the tip of left index finger to do accident

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    added by JonathanShaffer 1962 No actual face. The face on his head is a fake.

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