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The World's Best Paintball Fields

Built by paintballers for paintballers. If you know of an awesome field, great park or demanding terrain others should visit add it to this list. Let's make THE list of the best paintball fields in the world. Then we can all start booking holidays. These paintball fields are literally all over the world and these courses are some of the most renowned in the industry

What's the best paintball place in the world? What is the best paintball arena in the world? If you have an opinion vote and add the best paintball fields. If you're a paintballer, you definitely want to know where these places are.
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    Skirmish USA

    Albrightsville, PA, USA More
    700 acre paintball mecca that boasts over 50 playing fields full of woods, tanks, forts, ... more
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    Adrenalin Paintball, Egypt

    Cairo, Egypt More
    added by: Soliman
    The largest paintball fields in North Africa and one of the best venues world wide. All ... more
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    The Castle

    Missouri, USA More
    Paintball fortress, 5 acre wooded playing field and forts
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    Jungle Island Paintball

    California, USA More
    13 mixed terrain fields
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    E.M.R Paintball Park

    New Milford, PA, USA More
    24 mixed terrain/game fields
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    Ag Paintball

    Weare, NH, USA More
    added by: 9956764
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    Romsey, United Kingdom More
    added by: jackslee2
    Delta force Romsey. Up here because Romsey is a nicer place. 
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    Capture the Flag Paintball

    Calgary, Alberta, CA More
    19 natural terrain fields
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    new! Paintball Invasion

    added by: AndrewMiller
    Winslow, NJ, USA
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    SC Village

    California, USA More
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    Liberty Paintball

    New York, USA More
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    Route 40 Paintball

    White Marsh, MD, USA More
    40 Speedball/Hyperball fields
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    Town & Country Xtreme Paintball Field

    Wilder, KY, USA More
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    Mayhem Paintball

    Essex, UK More
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    Apocalypse Paintball

    Poynette, WI, USA More
    50 Speedball/Hyperball fields
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    National Paintball

    Birmingham, UK More
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