The Worst Earthquakes in History Historical Events
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The Worst Earthquakes in History

From the most recent earthquakes to those of the past, this list of the worst earthquakes in history has them all. With death tolls reaching tragic proportions, these are not only the worst earthquakes environmentally, sadly, they're also the deadliest.

The deadliest earthquake on record hit the Chinese province of Shaanxi back in 1556. The 8.0-magnitude tremor killed an estimated 830,000 people, 60% of the population, and wiped out a 520-mile wide area. Just like the worst earthquakes of the 20th century, this quake occurred with no warning and was followed by a series of aftershocks that served as a chilling reminder of the tragic nature of the disaster.

Unfortunately, this quake was not the first or the last to strike in the area or claim thousands of lives. Over three million people have been killed from earthquakes throughout the years and many more from the resulting tsunamis that followed.  

What are the most tragic earthquakes in history? Take a look here and decide for yourself.

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    1556 Shaanxi Earthquake

    820,000-830,000 dead on January 23, 1556

  2. 2

    1976 Tangshan earthquake

    242,419–779,000 dead on July 28, 1976

  3. 3

    526 Antioch earthquake

    250,000 dead on May 21, 525

  4. 4

    1920 Haiyuan earthquake

    235,502 dead on December 16, 1920

  5. 5

    2004 Indonesian earthquake

    230,210+ dead on December 26, 2004

  6. 6

    1138 Aleppo earthquake

    230,000 dead on October 11, 1138

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