The Worst Movie Remakes of All Time Films
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The Worst Movie Remakes of All Time

List Criteria: Worst remade movies of all time and/or movies they plan on remaking but shouldn't.

Feel free to add your own suggestions of worse movie remake or movie they are planning to remake an shouldn't.

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  1. 1

    #78 on the original list
    Sam Raimi, John Cameron, Robert Tapert

  2. 2

    #65 on the original list
    Diane Lane, Joan Chen, Joanna Miles

  3. 3

    Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Ted Knight

  4. 4

    #27 on the original list
    Ethan Hawke, Kate Beckinsale, John Cho

  5. 5

    #11 on the original list
    Evander Holyfield, Helen Mirren, Luis Guzmán

  6. 6

    #5 on the original list
    Jaden Smith, John Cleese, Keanu Reeves

  7. 7

    #4 on the original list
    Ralph Fiennes, Elizabeth McGovern, Gemma Arterton

  8. 8

    #44 on the original list
    Ron Perlman, Steven O'Donnell, Bob Sapp

  9. 9

    Claudia Cardinale, Peter Sellers, Brenda De Banzie

  10. 10

    #8 on the original list
    Kris Kristofferson, Michael Clarke Duncan, Charlton Heston

  11. 11

    #89 on the original list
    Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, Dakin Matthews

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