The 10 Absolute Worst Parents of 2012 (First-Half) Anything
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The 10 Absolute Worst Parents of 2012 (First-Half)

List Criteria: Parents that abused their children in ways bad enough to make the news.

The absolute worst parents to make headlines so far in 2012, from the kind of hilarious to the extremely depressing. OK, they're all depressing when you consider that innocent little children are the victims of these heinous morons. I wouldn't even treat a rabbit the way some of these people treat their kids, and I hate rabbits. I mean, really hate em. These people not only are the ones you'd least want to be your parents, but you'd be ashamed to call them your relatives. 

Who are the worst parents of the first half of 2012? Take a look here and you'll see.

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  1. 1

    Walking Leather Handbag Puts 5 Year-Old in Tanning Booth

    From what I can tell, Patricia Krentcil's favorite thing to do is rub Nutella all over her face and head out in public. In May 2012, officials at her daughter's New Jersey kindergarten reported that the 5 year-old had a severe sunburn - one they suspected she got from a tanning booth. Police swooped in to rescue the girl and put her in her father's care while they charged Patricia, 44, with second-degree child endangerment.

    In her defense, Krentcil says the kid got sunburned playing outside, but has never been in the tanning booth with her. Also in her defense, that child does look pretty pale. Lastly in her defense, if she keeps at it, she won't be around to set a terrible example for her child too much longer. So far, she has been banned from 63 tanning salons in the tri-state area.

    More about the tanning mom

  2. 2

    Grandparents Tow 7 Year-Old in Hot Wheels Behind SUV

    SARASOTA, Florida -- In April 2012, a deputy spotted a seven year-old wearing a swimsuit and no helmet riding in a Hot Wheels toy Pontiac. The toy car was tied to her grandparents' SUV trailer hitch with dog leashes. The kid's grandfather Paul Berloni (49) was up front, reeking of booze, laughing and riding and cornholing except Buster.

    When a deputy pulled the caravan over and asked for Paul's license, he confessed - all red-eyed - that it had been "revoked for 10 years for a DUI." The deputy found the child's grandmother, Belinda Berloni (47), in the vehicle's cargo area with the rear hatch open. She had been cheering the little driver along as the she was being towed. She told the deputy that though they knew what they were doing was dangerous, it was also fun; they had been at it all day.

    More about the grandparents of the year

  3. 3

    Mom Bangs Her Biological Son

    Say what you will about teenage boys getting to bang their hot teachers - this one is just grody. A MILF is only a MILF as long as she's not your own mom.

    In March 2012, Mistie Atkinson (32) pleaded no contest to charges of incest and oral copulation with a minor after she blew / had sex with her 16 year-old son. Yuck!

    In Mistie's defense - in her defense - she hadn't seen him for a very long time. In case you aren't good at math, Atkinson was 16 when the kid was born. His dad had full custody of him for a cool 15 years before Mistie tracked him down on Facebook and started sending him "explicit images" of herself.

    Napa, CA, police found videos on the boy's phone of Mistie (just a reminder: HIS MOM) performing oral sex and doing intercourse with him. I wonder who he planned to show those to...

    More about the son f*cker

  4. 4

    Lunatic Blinds Baby Daughter with Bleach

    When a 14 month-old was airlifted to a hospital outside Washington in May 2011, doctors found that she had both a serious head injury and a severe eye infection. While her mother, Jennifer Mothershead (29) couldn't explain where the head injury came from, she said the eye problems started a few months earlier when the kid was playing in a barn. I don't know if you know this about barns, but they're full of dangerous items and substances, and maybe little babies shouldn't play in them unattended.

    Anywho, Mothershead apparently had some eye drops for the infection. When a nurse opened them, she noticed that they smelled like something foul, something familiar, something hospital staff used to whiten whites, disinfect urine stains, and destroy AIDS: bleach. And yes, it turned out that the damage in the poor kid's eye was consistent with repeated exposure to bleach. And no, there was no way that the eye dropper had been merely cleaned with bleach.

    Mothershead was charged with first-degree assault of a child and being a goddamn lunatic. The child, meanwhile, is blind in her right eye.

    More deets on ol' bleach-eyes

  5. 5

    Man Sews Up Son's Buttcheeks

    This isn't actually as bad as it sounds, but this guy is still a total moron, so that makes him an awful parent.

    Randy Swopes's son suffers from Crohn's Disease, which - if you've never heard of it - is a real bummer that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. It's an autoimmune disorder that affects the digestive tract and bowels and just generally makes eating and ... eliminating the worst thing ever.

    In June 2008, Randy's son, then 14, developed a fistula, which is "an abnormal tunnel connecting two body cavities that are not usually connected" - or, in this case, from a body cavity to the outside of the butt body. Rather than take the body to a doctor, Swopes did a little homesurging, sewing the fistula shut with a needle and thread.

    And wouldn't you know it? The darn thing got infected. The boy was hospitalized for almost a month.

    Swopes was charged with aggravated battery and sentenced to 24 months of probation.

    More about dat ass

  6. 6

    TX Parents Lock Son in Room, Starve Him to Death

    When 10 year-old Johnathan Ramsey got rowdy like 10 year-olds do, his father Aaron Ramsey whacked him in the chest and then locked him in his bedroom. Then Aaron and his wife, the boy's stepmother Elizabeth, decided to put him on "military rations" to whip him into shape, limiting the boy's food to bread, water, and occasionally milk for several months. As a reminder, even convicted criminals are given several square meals a day.

    The Ramsey kept Johnathan hidden from relatives for more than a year, including his own mother, Judy Williams. When Johnathan was finally reported missing, Aaron and Elizabeth lied and told police that they had sent him to live with his mom.

    Then, in May 2012, police found Johnathan's skeletal remains in a creek outside Dallas. The Ramseys confessed that they had only been trying to get him to act right. Aaron claimed that Johnathan punched his stepmother in the stomach when she was pregnant, causing a miscarriage. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. Maybe he just knew something that some of the rest of us are scared to admit: That no matter what the law says, some people should never, ever be allowed have children.

    More details on the Johnathan Ramsey case

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