The 10 Most Bizarre Scientific Discoveries of 2012 Anything

The 10 Most Bizarre Scientific Discoveries of 2012

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Every year, science ventures farther into the unknown, and every now and then it leads to a bizarre discovery or two. Here are the strangest of those discoveries from 2012.

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    Massive River Systems on Another World The spacecraft Cassini recently did a flyby of Saturn's moon Titan. It's the only moon in our solar system with a thick atmosphere, but we'd suffocate on its surface because of the lack of oxygen. During its flyby, Cassini took

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    A Gun That Can Make You Shut Up Everyone has that annoying friend that they just want to shut up from time to time, and now you can. The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan recently created a "gun" that can

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    Aerographite Humanity appears to be in the midst of a neverending quest to see just how much nothing we can cram into something. And while aerographite is technically something, it's mostly nothing. It's 75 times lighter than Styrofoam, but

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    Cockroach Bio-Bots The human race has finally delved into necromancy and created something that would make Dr. Frankenstein proud. It's really as simple as strapping a couple of electrodes and a little backpack to a cockroach and then

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    Male Beluga Whales Can Imitate Humans Beluga whales kind of drew the evolutionary short straw. Apart from having a name that almost definitely got them picked on in high school, they also have a "I've been chasing parked cars" sort of face:A diver at the

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    A Robot Finger Better at Feeling Than Yours What's one of the few things that sets robots and humans apart? Touch is one of the only senses that they can't replicate, right? Right? If you've gotten this far into this article, you know that the words "yes, that's

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    Strobe Light Goggles Can Improve Memory What are flashing lights good for beside raves and inducing epileptic seizures  If you guessed "improving your memory," that's an oddly specific guess, but also correct. We'll just file this experiment under

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    Voyager is Rapidly Approaching the Heliopause Interstellar travel is the stuff of science fiction, and no one is foolish enough to envision humanity reaching for the stars any time soon. Except that's definitely happening. Right now NASA launched Voyager 1 all

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    An Atom Smasher Creates a New Kind of Matter There are three states of matter that everyone is taught about in high school: solid, liquid, and gas, and somewhere along the way, we learn that plasma is that weird fourth one that you weren't smart enough to hear about yet in

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    160 New Species Discovered on a Single Mountaintop New species are being discovered all the time, but you probably thought it was only a few a year, or if not, just a bunch of fish as we slowly explore more and more of the oceans. A squid and razor toothed hellfish here and there

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