The 10 Most Bizarre Scientific Discoveries of 2012 Anything
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The 10 Most Bizarre Scientific Discoveries of 2012

Every year, science ventures farther into the unknown, and every now and then it leads to a bizarre discovery or two. Here are the strangest of those discoveries from 2012.

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    Massive River Systems on Another World

    The spacecraft Cassini recently did a flyby of Saturn's moon Titan. It's the only moon in our ... more
  2. 9

    A Gun That Can Make You Shut Up

    Everyone has that annoying friend that they just want to shut up from time to time, and now ... more
  3. 8


    Humanity appears to be in the midst of a neverending quest to see just how much nothing we can ... more
  4. 7

    Cockroach Bio-Bots

    The human race has finally delved into necromancy and created something that would ... more
  5. 6

    Male Beluga Whales Can Imitate Humans

    Beluga whales kind of drew the evolutionary short straw. Apart from having a name that almost ... more
  6. 5

    A Robot Finger Better at Feeling Than Yours

    What's one of the few things that sets robots and humans apart? Touch is one of the only ... more
  7. 4

    Strobe Light Goggles Can Improve Memory

    What are flashing lights good for beside raves and inducing epileptic seizures  If ... more
  8. 3

    Voyager is Rapidly Approaching the Heliopause

    Interstellar travel is the stuff of science fiction, and no one is foolish enough to ... more
  9. 2

    An Atom Smasher Creates a New Kind of Matter

    There are three states of matter that everyone is taught about in high school: solid, liquid, ... more
  10. 1

    160 New Species Discovered on a Single Mountaintop

    New species are being discovered all the time, but you probably thought it was only a few a ... more

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