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Things You Should Know How to Do Before You Turn 30

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List Criteria: Social and practical life skills that anyone could & should learn before they turn 30

List of things you should know how to do before you turn 30--life skills, practical skills and social skills that you can and should master by the time you leave your 20s behind you. These are things everyone should know and should have figured out before they become full-blown adults and have families of their own. 
Many of the items on this list are skills every man should have and that every woman should know in order to feel confident and self-reliant. The more life skills you have, the easier it is to take chances and strive for greatness. Some skills people should have are simply practical--like knowing how to swim, build a fire or drive a manual transmission. These skills are relatively easy to learn and are based on facts you should know. Other of the life-skills on this list are more subtle and need to be learned over time--how to tell a good story, negotiate and set a longterm goal and meet it are examples of these skills. 

Since we all have different priorities in life and we all value skill sets differently, this list is an open list where users can add what they think everybody should know before 30 and vote for what they think.

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    Know Cooking Basics

    Scramble an egg, bake a cake, steam vegetables... you may not be asked to compete on the next season of Top Chef, but you can make a simple meal for yourself without resorting to take out or calling your mother for help. 
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    Handle Your Own Finances

    You have your own checking account and maybe even a savings account and maybe even a 401(k) or an IRA. You may still be saddled with student debt, but you at least have some foreseeable financial stability. 
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    Be Comfortable Alone

    For you, being alone no longer = being lonely. You have your own interest and you do not despair if you occasionally roll solo. 
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    Get Out of a Bad Relationship

    People who make you feel bad about yourself, are condescending, annoying, rude... you've purposefully cut them out of your life to make room for more healthy relationships. 
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    Be a Good Friend

    In your little corner of the world, you have your people and to those people you are a truly great friend. You show up for them and support them even if its not convenient for you. 
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    Operate a Computer

    Ideally, you will know much more about technology than how to simply operate a computer. But, even if you are not in a technical industry, having some degree of computer-savviness is mandatory. 
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    You know how to be an active, empathetic listener who does not just wait for her turn to speak but actually considers what the other person is saying. 
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    Manage Your Time

    The night before a big project is due, you may still think it's a perfect time to organize your closet, scrub your shower and catch up on old emails, but at least now you don't try to do all of those things before you even start on your work.

    You generally know how long a task will take you to complete and you have stopped having to ask for deadline extensions (or pulling all-nighters).
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    Handle a Job Interview

    You may be nervous before you walk in, but you have mastered the ability to speak confidently about yourself and your achievements, ask relevant questions and charm your potential future employee. 
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    Make a Budget for Yourself

    You are loosely aware of where you spend your money throughout the month and (if you wanted to) you could save up and buy yourself something nice or go on vacation. 
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    Grocery Shop Effectively

    When you first started buying groceries for yourself, you rarely came home with more than lunch meat, beer, ramen and frozen dinners, but you somehow still managed to spend $100 on every shopping trip. 

    By the time you turn 30, you've learned how to pick out seasonal produce, anticipate ingredients that you will want for future meals, buy food you will actually eat before it goes bad and look for deals in the store. 
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    Take Advice

    You've learned that everyone else is not automatically wrong if they say something that you didn't think of first. 
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    Read Efficiently

    You're an adult. You no longer have someone looking over your shoulder, counting the pages you have read and handing you reading comprehension questions (unless you have an inevitably terrible boss).

    But you do stand to benefit from being an efficient reader. You can read quickly and pick out the author's main ideas without spending all day reading on one article. 
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    Be a Good Partner

    You know how to be supportive and fun without constantly suspecting that your girlfriend/boyfriend is secretly cheating on you. 
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    Move On

    You've faced your fair share of disappointments in life so far. Although it may not get any easier, you have at least learned how to move on with some dignity.

    Whether you've had your heart broken, you got passed up for a promotion or you won't be able to move into that apartment you've been dreaming of after all, you know how to take a deep breath and cut your losses. 
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    Know Basic Geography

    When you meet someone from Bhutan you don't ask them what it was like to grow up in Africa. 
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    Take a Compliment

    Thank you! Is what you now say when you receive a compliment. 
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    Make a Good First Impression

    You know how to present yourself to the world and especially how to make a great first impression. 
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    Pace Yourself With Your Drinking

    During your college years, it may have been cool to double-fist cans of Sparks and throw back shots of cheap tequila before stumbling out on the town and sloppily winking at members of the opposite sex/ crying when they don't "notice" you... But by the time you turn 30, it is definitely not cool.

    Not the Sparks and cheap tequila--those are still cool. But the embarrassing misadventures of getting blackout drunk that you and your friends used to be able to laugh off but now probably send you down a shame spiral. 

    By the time you turn 30, you have learned to pace yourself with your drinking. You can still let loose and get toasty, but your boyfriend isn't afraid you'll get blackout drunk and hit on his boss if he takes you to his work's holiday party, you don't wake up with sprained ankles or bruises and you have learned to keep your public crying down to a minimum. 
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    You don't automatically blurt out "Okay!" if your roommate/boss/significant other asks you to do something you don't want to do.

    You have learned how to assert yourself, make it clear what you want and present your case for why you should get it. You also know when to give in to other people's desires and compromise when you have to. 
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