23 Things You Should Never Do While Naked Anything
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23 Things You Should Never Do While Naked

List Criteria: Upvote the activities that would be horrible to do while naked. Downvote the activities that you think wouldn't be so bad.

Similar to getting drunk and singing at the top of your lungs, being naked is fun! But it's not always appropriate. Whether an activity involves sharp, flying objects, extreme heat, or compromising positions, there are some things that you should just never do while you're nude. For your convenience, here is a quick reference list of those things. For your own safety and for the well-being of others. Please. Don't. 

If you are into public nudity, by all means, go to a nude beach, join a nudist community, or go streaking during your next local sporting event. Just don't do these things while you are nude. 
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