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Think Like a Man Movie Quotes

'Think Like a Man' movie quotes are hilarious! This 2012 comedy movie stars Kevin Hart as Cedric, one of several guys struggling to come to terms with their relationships with the women in their lives. When the ladies begin following the advice of Steve Harvey (whose book, 'Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,' is the basis for this film), the guys declare all out war, and a battle of the sexes ensues. Not surprisingly, Kevin Hart delivers some of the most memorable quotes in 'Think Like a Man.' See a favorite? Vote it up! And be sure to add any quotes that are missing.

'Think Like a Man' features an all-star cast, including Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall, Meagan Good, Taraji P. Henson, Chris Brown, Jerry Ferrara, Jenifer Lewis, Terrence Jenkins and Romany Malco. When a group of guy friends figures out that the women they love are reading Steve Harvey's best-selling relationships book about how to deal with men, they decide to try and turn the tables. Will it work? Not likely, but it'll be funny watching them try.

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    Stronger Version of Prince

    Cedric (to Shannon Brown and Ron Artest/Metta World Peace): "Why don't you and the stronger version of Prince go back down to that side of the court and do what y'all was doing. Cause if y'all want the court, you'll play us for the court like real men."
    Ron Artest/Metta World Peace: "So y'all wanna play for it?"
    Cedric: "You heard what I stuttering?"

    This scene, which features all the guys from 'Think Like a Man' playing ball, is hilarious. Cedric, of course, has to open his big mouth and challenge the likes of Shannon Brown, Matt Barnes, Metta World Peace (otherwise known as Ron Artest or, in Cedric's words, 'the stronger version of Prince,' and several other well-known NBA/WNBA stars) is an instant classic.

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    Three Rings of Marriage

    Cedric: "What do you call the three rings of marriage? Engagement ring, wedding ring and insuffering..."

    Cedric has some learning to do when it comes to women, love and relationships. Insuffering? Nice. The women have had enough, and Cedric's about to learn some tough lessons.

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    Perfect Man

    Lauren: "There is no such thing as a perfect man."

    Lauren seems to have a handle on this thing: No, there is no 'perfect man' out there, but there are great men who mean well and certainly try their best...

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    Open the Door for Me

    Mya: "I don't go out with guys who don't open the door for me."
    Zeke: "Really?"
    Mya: "Really."
    Zeke: "Seriously?!"
    Mya: "Yes."(as Zeke drives off, quickly and then, after a moment, drives back to the curb where she's standing) "No he didn't..."
    Zeke: "Gotcha..."

    Is it too much for Mya to want a nice guy that treats her with respect, by holding the car door open for her? Dear Zeke, a Word of Advice: Get out and open her door...

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    How Old is Your Mom?

    Cedric: "Mike, how old is your mom?"
    Michael: "What?!"
    Cedric: "I'm not saying it like that. No, I am. I am. It's like that. Ms. Loretta, I'm ready for the rest of the tour!"

    Michael (Terrence Jenkins) isn't real happy with Cedric making moves on his mom, Loretta (Jenifer Lewis). Is he seriously that desperate? Yes. Yes, he is...

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    The Butt Factory

    Cedric: "The only women I want to talk to tonight are dancin' naked down at the butt factory."

    Cedric (Kevin Hart) really needs to get a grip on his chauvinistic attitude. It might sound cool when he's with his buddies, but it definitely won't fly with the lady in his life.

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