Think You Know Your Neighbor? Anything
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Think You Know Your Neighbor?

This is a (growing) list of films about the people who find out their neighbors are not quite who they claim to be. Can you think of any other titles that fit?
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  1. I've always seen this as an updated version of 'Rear Window'. We've got a kid on house arrest instead of a man in a wheelchair, but the rest pretty much lines up.
  2. What if your neighbor turned out to be a blood-sucking fiend and no one believed you? This tale explores just that.
  3. Fright Night

    The current remake of ^the above title. I haven't seen it yet, but it looks to be about the same story.
  4. A take on the 'creepy neighbor' story in which said neighbor is a werewolf who wants to jump your bones. Pulls a lot from the 'Fright Night' storyline-still quite entertaining.
  5. Can I say this is the original? It's the first I ever saw in this category. James Stewart is wheelchair-bound and thinks he sees a murder take place across the street. Was it just his cooped-up mind playing tricks on him, or is there really a killer next door? Great film.
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