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This Is the End Movie Quotes

"This Is the End" movie quotes show what happens to a house full of celebrities in an end of days situation. The apocalyptic comedy film was written by Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen, and James Weaver using a story developed by Goldberg and Jason Stone with Goldberg and Rogen also serving as directors. "This Is the End," which features an ensemble cast all of whom play fictional versions of themselves, was released in theaters in the United States on June 12, 2013.

In "This Is the End," Seth Rogen welcomes friend Jay Baruchel to Los Angeles for a weekend of fun. The first event on their agenda is a giant house party at the home of fellow actor James Franco. The party is raging with many celebrities such as Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, Michael Cera, Mindy Kaling and Rihanna in attendance. The party however stops when a major earthquake is felt and things go horribly wrong.

The party guests run outside to learn that this is much worse than a simple earthquake. The rest of the city is on fire, sinkholes are appearing (including one that swallows up Rihanna and Aziz Ansari) and everyone is panicking in an apparent apocalyptic situation. The men are forced to fend for themselves with few supplies amongst the cataclysmic events, including a violent Emma Watson who invades the home seeking beverages.

"This Is the End" faced fierce competition at the box office when it joined other great films already released such as "The Internship," "The Purge," "After Earth," "Fast and Furious 6," "The Hangover Part III," "The Great Gatsby," "The Big Wedding," "Oblivion," "Scary Movie 5," "Evil Dead," "Jurassic Park 3D," "G.I. Joe: Retaliation," "Olympus Has Fallen," "Admission," "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone," "Emperor," "Dead Man Down," and "Oz: The Great and Powerful."

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    Looting, Rioting, Sinkholes

    Seth Rogen: "There's looting, rioting."
    Danny McBride: "For all we know the f****** Lakers could have just won. That's the reason why all this is happening."
    Jay Baruchel: "I think it's the apocalypse. It's all in here, 'and he opened the bottomless pit.'"
    Seth Rogen: "The sinkhole? Every single time I turn on the news, sinkhole in South America, a bunch of South Americans getting sucked into the ground."
    Jonah Hill: "Sinkhole de Mayo"

    Following the apocalyptic events that unfolded outside, the men discuss what they think is happening. Danny wonders if this is just another riot after a Los Angeles Lakers win while Seth and Jonah joke about South American sinkholes.
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    That Milky Way

    Danny McBride: "We should just stay in here, fortify this b**** and take inventory of all the food we have."
    Seth Rogen: "We've got 12 bottles of water, 56 beers, Nutella, CT Crunch, a Milky Way…"
    Jonah Hill: "Can I have that Milky Way?"
    James Franco: "No you can't have that Milky Way. It's my special food. I like it."
    Seth Rogen: "I want some of the Milky Way."
    Craig Robinson: "I'll be pretty bummed if I don't at least get a bite of the Milky Way."

    When the world around them is collapsing, the six men argue over something much more important, who will eat the last Milky Way candy bar left in the house. Clearly this is going to be quite a brutal battle.
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    Emma Watson Showed Up

    James Franco: [in a video confessional] "Emma Watson showed up."
    Emma Watson: "Give me everything you have to drink!"
    Seth Rogen: "There are six of us! You cannot rob us!"
    Emma Watson: "I am not f****** around!"
    Danny McBride: [in a video confessional] "Hermione just stole all of our s***."

    Emma Watson might seem sweet and innocent in real life but as she shows in this scene, when she attacks six grown men with an ax, she's a force to be reckoned with. Yes, guys, Herminoe just stole all your s***.
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    Like a Piece of Me

    Seth Rogen: "This place is beautiful, man."
    James Franco: "This place is like a piece of me. You two just stepped inside me."
    Seth Rogen: "You let is both come inside you. Yeah!"
    James Franco: "Boom!"
    Jay Baruchel: "Thanks, James Franco"

    When Seth and Jay arrive at James Franco's house, things get a little weird from the get go but this awkward conversation is minuscule compared to the strange events that are about to follow.
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    Stop Haunting Me

    Craig Robinson: [in a video confessional] "It seems like just yesterday we were all at the party and I was singing 'Take Your Panties Off.'" [at the party, singing] "Take your panties off."
    Crowd: [singing] "Take your panties off."
    Craig Robinson: [singing] "Take your panties off."
    Crowd: [singing] "Take your panties off."
    Craig Robinson: "Come on, Rihanna, take your panties off of me."
    Rihanna: "Come on, Craig, can you f*** off of me?"
    Craig Robinson: [in a video confessional] "That's the last thing I heard before they all died… I could have done it. All I had to do is reach out."
    James Franco: "Seth, come on! Get in the house!"
    Aziz Ansari: "Craig!"
    Craig Robinson: "It's too late for you. You're already in the hole!"
    Aziz Ansari: "What the f*** are you talking about?"
    Craig Robinson: [in a video confessional] "I did everything I could. Aziz, come back! Stop haunting me!"

    Craig Robinson reminisces on the events surrounding the party and the tragic events that stopped the celebration. He remembers singing Rihanna a lovely song then the sad choice he had to make by leaving Aziz Ansari in a sinkhole, a thought that is now haunting him.
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    Zombie Invasion

    Emma Watson: "I hid in a drainpipe for days, like three or four. I don't even know how many and then I stopped hearing people and I started hearing growling noises."
    Jay Baruchel: "Out there in our travels, did you see anything you would describe as apocalypicish?"
    Emma Watson: "I mean no, but, uh, I would say it's completely obvious what's, what's going on here. I mean, it's a, it's a zombie invasion."
    Danny McBride: "I'm the one who said zombies the whole time!"
    James Franco: "You said zombies?"
    Seth Rogen: "I don't think, you never said zombies."
    Jay Baruchel: "Wait a second. You guys haven't been proven right. These are still just theories…"
    Emma Watson: "Honestly, I am just so relieved that you guys are here. I'm very happy about the idea of sleeping and just…"
    James Franco: "Are you tired?"
    Emma Watson: "Yeah"
    James Franco: "If you want to take a little rest, you're welcome to do that upstairs."
    Emma Watson: "Thank you"
    James Franco: "I'll show you the way."
    Emma Watson: "Thanks, guys, seriously, you are so awesome."
    Jonah Hill: "You're awesome! So tight!"

    Emma Watson explains the events she went though after the earthquake and her take on what is happening. She, along with Danny, thinks that it's a zombie invasion while Jay reminds the group that her theory is pure speculation at best right now.
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