20 Times Batman Was Just so Lovable

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We know he's vengeance. We know he's the night. We know he's the Batman. But did you know, deep down, he's a big softie? Occasionally, DC Comics' most fearsome vigilante is also sweet, sensitive, and even sad. Yep, there are vulnerable, sad Batman moments, and you'll find them on this list of times when Batman really cared.

We all know that he can be kind of a d$%* sometimes (just ask Superman), but underneath the grim, gloomy, grumpy exterior is a kind man. Sure, we wouldn't go so far as to label him "nice" or "snuggly," but the guy cares. He's just not so good at showing it.  

So we decided to go back through his 75 years of Batmanning and find those special moments where he let his guard down, those good guy Batman moments when he took off that thick layer of (usually) black armor, when he opened up just a little and showed the soft side very few get to see. These are the moments that the Dark Knight wasn't so dark, when he wasn't Batman the vigilante or even Bruce Wayne the billionaire playboy. These are the moments he was the (Bat)man who cared.
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