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Tips for Making Great Lists

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Making a list on Ranker is fun and easy. Making a really GREAT list, one that people will discuss and share with their friends, requires a bit more effort but has a big payoff. Ranker lists that are provocative and interesting can get 250,000 views or more in a short span of time, particularly if they find an audience on social networks or aggregation sites like Reddit. It's a good way to have hundreds of thousands of people reading what you have to say, if you're into that sort of thing.

This list will help you make your lists even better. For even more greatness, get advice for increasing your visibility on our Guide to Sharing and Promoting Your Lists

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    A Point of View...

    When you're making your list, you'll see three buttons under the "Options" tab: List View, Blog View, and Slideshow View. This determines how visitors to Ranker will see your list displayed, so it's pretty important to choose the best option. Here's how:

    List View displays your list like a grid. It's good for when you are making a straight-forward list of facts or items that don't need a lot of individual explanation.

    Blog View makes the list more readable and visually engaging. It's good for when you're including a lot of commentary on individual items (which you should!) or putting in a lot of great photos or videos.

    Slideshow View is also good for when each of your items have lots of commentary, large high quality photos, and/or videos.
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    Strong Opinions Are Strong

    Don't just put a few items in order and call it a day! People are reading your list because they want your opinion, so give them some commentary! Let us hear the logic behind your decisions.

    Just hover over the pencil to the right of any item on your list, click the text bubble icon, and write away. Whether your commentary is funny, informative, or a little bit of both, adding some context to your list items makes them even more interesting, and makes your list 100,000,000% better. Trust us. We did the math.

    Oh, and if you're really proud of your commentary, go ahead and switch your list to display in blog or slideshow view (use the handy buttons at the top of the "Options" tab).
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    Build It Up

    Sometimes, size does matter. We here at Ranker have found that people tend to prefer slightly longer lists. So, don't be shy. Add all the items you can think of and feel free to keep on adding them forever and ever and ever and... well, you get the idea. You can update your list as much as you want after it's published, and the more current you keep it, the more it will keep showing up all over our site.

    If you're having trouble thinking of enough great items to add to your list, remember that you can go in to the "Options" tab and allow "Add stuff to my list," making it an Open List, where readers can make their own additions to your list! Hey, you might even learn something...
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    A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

    Photos make your lists more visually appealing and inviting. People on the internet aren't crazy about big, uninterrupted blocks of text. (Maybe it reminds everyone of school?) Throwing some pretty, engaging visuals around will make everyone want to spend more time on your list and scroll through all your selections.

    By the way, if you're really proud of the pics on your list, try switching it to slideshow view under the "Options" tab. Trust us, it will really make your pics pop.
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    A Video is Worth A Thousand Pictures! That's Just Math...

    Pictures are cool. Moving pictures are even cooler.

    To add a YouTube video to your list, just hover over the pencil icon to the right of any list item. Click the icon of the play button and we will automatically search YouTube for videos that match your item name, and let you run searches of your own without ever leaving Ranker. One "Select" button later, you'll have a brand new video on your list.

    As with photos, try switching your list to slideshow view via the buttons under the "Options" tab.
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    Details! Details!

    Okay, this isn't a doctoral thesis or anything. But even just a little factoid or two to go along with all of your list items makes your list more interesting and readable. Ranking your 20 favorite "Twin Peaks" characters sounds great, but imagine if you included the episodes in which characters first appeared, or the names of all the actors who played them, or whether or not they appeared in the spin-off movie, Fire Walk With Me. Those kinds of details make a list go from somewhat interesting to a great read!
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    Don't Forget To Publish

    Once you're done editing, don't forget to hit that big, blue "Submit" key and share your genius with the world!

    Now that you've made a kickass list people are going to love, it's time to start spreading the word about your hard work to the rest of the web.

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