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Tools/Apps I Need

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This is my list of software/apps that I need. I am sure that I could probably live without a couple items on this list, but I choose not too. I hope you enjoy. I will constantly be updating this list as I find new tools that make my life easier! Enjoy.

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    I no longer use any other browser. Chrome has seemed to be everything I have ever wanted with a browser. I can use Incognito Window to browse the internet without a single trace of where I have been in my history or anything. Haha I'm sure a lot of people can find that tool useful. Also, the browser does not have a huge toolbar at the top, rather everything is organized by tabs. It is great. I recommend throwing Internet Explorer into the trash and upgrading to this fantastic browser.
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    Do I need to even explain? It organized my music and allows me to transfer it to my iPod with ease.
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    Being a college student this program is essential. If I did not have word I would be handwriting 10 pagers. I would also be trying to keep up with impossibly fast lecturing teachers that surround the classrooms- I can type 100x faster than I can write. Word is definitely needed.
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