Top 10 2009 Celebrity Fashion Disasters Actors
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Top 10 2009 Celebrity Fashion Disasters

Celebrities are human's beautiful, famous and rich people. I guess that is why we love it when their stylist go on vacation and they try to dress themselves. They should just hide in the closet with the lights off and wait until they come back because we are watching them, very closely.
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    How did this Umpaa Lumpa make it out of the chocolate factory?
  2. 2
    Holy crap! A Glade trash bag is walking towards us!
  3. 3
    This is one of the times that it is a good thing there are not two of the exact same person walking around.
  4. 4

    Lady Ga Ga

    I think we all remember this weird moment from Lady Ga Ga at the VMA awards. This is very 'tranny meets outer space in the movie Hellraiser' kind of costume. If that is the look she was going for then she nailed it right on the head.
  5. 5

    John Mayer

    This is a perfect example of why you never let your mother or your girlfriend dress you. Is that a moose knuckle I see John? Oh no, its just your small dick that we can perfectly see the outline of! Please get fitted clothes.
  6. 6
    What about the Grammys tells you to dress up in Charlie Chaplin clothing? She is a gorgeous older woman, and actually has a great body for her age, but this is a perfect example of the effects of menopause. You lose your periods, your friends, your hair, your ass and t**s, and apparently your fashion sense.
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