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Top 10 90's One-Hit Wonders Who Deserve More Credit

The 90's was full of one-hit wonders. Some of them deserved their one-hit wonder title but others, not so much. These are the 10 artists who really should have been given a second chance. For whatever reason only one song struck a chord with America and that's a shame. At the very least go pick up some of these artists albums and see if you change your mind on them. With each artist I've included a song by them which I think would have been a good single to keep their career afloat.

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    In 1997 Harvey Danger had a massive hit on their hands called "Flagpole Sitta" (sometimes known as "Paranoia" or "I'm not sick but i'm not well" on file-sharing sites). The bizarre and infectious combination of indie and punk made the song a radio hit. The song continues to be played and covered in popular culture. However their second single Private Helicopter failed to make much of an impact. The band remained active up until 2009 and released 7 more EPs/LPs.

    The video attached is the "Vertigo-inspired" song "Carlotta Valdez", the opening track to their debut "Where have all the Merrymakers gone?.

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