The Top 10 Albums for 2012 Anything

The Top 10 Albums for 2012

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Skinnywhiteboy's annual list of the best records - it's time for 2012! See more, including videos for each song and a Spotify playlist at
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    Cloud Nothings – Attack on Memory

    So good that Steve Albini, down for production duties, played Scrabble on his i-pad for the entire recording session – and the main man Dylan Baldi was only 20 when this came out. I’m tempted to stop there, so I will. More at
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    The xx – Coexist

    One that is more likely than most on this list to be record store ‘top tens’ this year – and for good reason. More at
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    Blithe Field – Warm Blood

    Warm blood is a great name for this record. More at
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    Andy Stott – Luxury Problems

    Another great production from an unsung hero who’s been practising his art for a long time – Andy StottMore at
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    Death Grips – The Money Store

    Super-aggressive sounding industrial noise/rap hybrid from drummer Zach Hill (of HellaNervous CopBygones - the bizarro Greg Saunier), his collaborator Andy Morin and Stephan ‘MC Ride’ Burnett. More at
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    Killer Mike – R.A.P. Music

    Southern rapper with ridiculous ability, a powerful network of hip hop Legends, and the boldness to make powerful political and social statements. 
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    Euros Childs – Summer Special

    So to my hero Euros Childs. His website is called the National Elf, and like our revered health system Euros is an underfunded national treasure capable of giving strength and healing all wounds. Ahem. More at
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    Donnie and Joe Emerson – Dreamin’ Wild

    There’s quite a story to this record – which you can see via the link below. But whatever the history – and it is pretty amazing – this collection of teenage dreams from 1979 stands on its own two platform-booted feet. 
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