Top 10 Albums for 2012 Anything
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Top 10 Albums for 2012

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Skinnywhiteboy's annual list of the best records - it's time for 2012! See more, including videos for each song and a Spotify playlist at
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    Cloud Nothings – Attack on Memory

    So good that Steve Albini, down for production duties, played Scrabble on his i-pad for the entire recording session – and the main man Dylan Baldi was only 20 when this came out. I’m tempted to stop there, so I will. More at
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    The xx – Coexist

    One that is more likely than most on this list to be record store ‘top tens’ this year – and for good reason. More at
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    Blithe Field – Warm Blood

    Warm blood is a great name for this record. More at
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    Andy Stott – Luxury Problems

    Another great production from an unsung hero who’s been practising his art for a long time – Andy StottMore at
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    Death Grips – The Money Store

    Super-aggressive sounding industrial noise/rap hybrid from drummer Zach Hill (of HellaNervous CopBygones - the bizarro Greg Saunier), his collaborator Andy Morin and Stephan ‘MC Ride’ Burnett. More at
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    Killer Mike – R.A.P. Music

    Southern rapper with ridiculous ability, a powerful network of hip hop Legends, and the boldness to make powerful political and social statements. 
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