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gaming The Top 10 Battlefield 3 Hacks and Aimbots  

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This is a list of the top ten Battlefield 3 Hacks aka BF3 Hacks. If you are looking for BF3 cheats or a Battlefield 3 Aimbot this is the first place you should look. The top BF3 hacks we found were reviewed and these are the results. We based our reviews on the amount of innovation the BF3 hack showed, the quality of the hack, and the quality of the customer service. Battlefield 3 cheats and hacks that proved they were worthy of recognition were recognized while Battlefield 3 hacks that under performed were moved to the bottom. If you have any comments about this list please let us know as we are always striving to get to the truth. We hope you enjoy this list of the top ten BF3 Hacks!! If you want to just skip to our #1 recommendation for BF3 Hacks check out the Battlefield 3 Hacks page at

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Video: YouTube is without a doubt our #1 choice for Battlefield 3 Hacks at this time. From our research we have found they have consistently been a leader in the best BF3 hack features like their "domination" feature that can kill everyone in a server. Their hack was awe inspiring when we unleashed it and the "legit" mode was a welcome addition when we were trying to maintain a believable skill level. When evaluating BF3 Hacks we find it fair to analyze them in terms of level of quality and customer service. Our experience with 187ci's customer service was impeccable and their BF3 hack was quite simply the best one out of the lot. In addition we found that they sell all of their hacks together so we were able to try out their other hacks which were also excellent. If you are looking for the best BF3 hacks we recommend

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Video: YouTube was second to in this BF3 Hacks list and they still have a great hack. did well in our quality testing of their Battlefield 3 Hacks but it was not quite as good as 187ci. The hack is still leaps and bounds better than the rest of Battlefield 3 aimbots on this list and for that reason we have placed them as #2. Customer service from was good but it could have been better. We will not go into specifics but we would advise them to be more patient with their customers. If you are looking for a great Battlefield 3 hack would also be a great choice.

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Video: YouTube made #3 on our list of the top Battlefield 3 Hacks. They have a good quality BF3 hack with plenty of features and a good price. The complaint we have about their Battlefield 3 Hack is the lack of true customization. The hack is full featured but not as customizable as other BF3 Hacks. We tried to speak to their customer support about the issue and we got a rude response so we cannot rate them highly in terms of customer service. Overall a "good" BF3 hack.

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Video: YouTube Battlefield 3 Hacks were good quality hacks and we would recommend them. The hacks were full featured and worked well with few bugs. Customer service for the BF3 hacks at was also good.

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Video: YouTube has some decent BF3 Hacks and the quality was nice but the customer service we experienced was not acceptable. If you want some thirteen year old moderator to lash out at you for asking simple questions then is the place for you. If you can get past the customer service then their BF3 hacks are for you.

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Video: YouTube Battlefield 3 hacks were a disappointing experience. On their website they claim to be the #1 hack site but we found the quality of their hack to be lacking. The customer service experience when asking for help with their BF3 Hack was also poor. In addition we found the pop ups and advertisements on their website to be very annoying. We do not recommend

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Video: YouTube was another dud in the Battlefield 3 Hacks category. We found their hack to be not horrible but it was very annoying to use and not as fun as any of the other competitors above it. The quality of customer service was not as bad as but it was still not what we expect from a business. We do not recommend for BF3 hacks.

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Video: YouTube
We expected much more from as they claim their hack is coded by a game hacking legend known as "P47R!CK". Their hack talked about many of its great features but when we tested it we found it to be buggy and unreliable. No matter how good a hack is if the customer cannot use it without getting frustrated then it is not a quality hack and we cannot rate it highly. The customer service at made us feel like we were second class citizens and we did not appreciate it. We do not recommend