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Top 10 Beer Fail Videos

No beer drinker wants to see beer wasted - it doesn't matter how bad. But some things are hilarious to watch and if a little bit of beer gets spilled then so be it. Although in some of the beer fail videos a bit more than a bit may get wasted. Just a heads up that's all.

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    Forklift + Beer = Fail

    Have you ever wondered why the price of beer keeps going up and up? Well, it’s down to these guys.  For those that want to skip straight into the action skip to 2:35.  2:40 is probably when he lost his job. Next time order some Plastic wrap (cling film). 

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    Worst Shotgun Beer Ever Fail

    I am glad the chick filming said “down it already” because she said what we were all thinking. There is a reason that tried and tested methods are used…they work. But you get the people who want to do it their way. This is a prime example why you should just leave things as they are. Haha, the chick at the end: “I don’t wanna do it his way.”

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    Beer Chug Fail

    So, there is three guys and three beers, what could possibly go wrong? Simple, shotgun, puke and then spear. The spear is pretty quality actually. It would make WWE’s Goldberg proud. 

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    Beer Transportation Fail

    Oh wow! We actually felt a little sad watching this - R.I.P beer. Now that is a waste of beer! Can you imagine what he had to say when he saw his boss? “Mike, you know them beers you told me to transport that were worth thousands?”

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    Upside Down Beer Bong Fail

    The reason beer bongs work is down to gravity; the reason keg stands work is you gulp the beer so being upside down isn’t too bad. If you combine the two then you know something is going to go wrong. We were expecting beer in the face so it wasn’t a total fail.

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    Drunk Guy Wants More Beer

    This is a prime example of knowing when to stop. The guy is paralytic, yet he still wants to buy more beers! The best thing is did he actually think he was going to get served if he managed to bring the beers to the counter.

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