Top 10 Best Bikini Bodies of 2009 People
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Top 10 Best Bikini Bodies of 2009

Getting the sexiest body on the beach is hard. Pics of Bikini bodies arise every day. Celebrity Bikini pics flood the internet so often that it's hard to nail down who really has the best one. These girls work hard for their body and make their celeb bikini pics SHINE. Little to no fake boobs on this list because these are real women and god damn do they look good. Flaunt it, bitches!

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    She banged Leo DiCaprio and managed a spot on the cover of this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

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    Um, so I know someone who's a friend of a friend, that's sort of a big deal. Word on the street is that Kim is all woman. And for that, shes the #1 spot. She works hard for her body, and I work hard at hating her for it.

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    Theres a reason shes one of the highest paid Victoria Secret Angels... by the way she also had a baby this year AND still looks like that.

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    Frankly, she wins for Most overrated irritating celeb of '09 but hey, we can forgive her if she keeps doing more photo shoots like that...

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    Not overly curvy, not super skinny. Katy Perry is like the girl next door.. who likes to kiss girls, but just for fun.

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    Um, shes incredible and frankly kind of like Johnny Depp, she never seems to age. After a modeling career and two kids she's one hot milf.

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