Top 10 Best Drunken Awards Show Moments People
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Top 10 Best Drunken Awards Show Moments

A list of the best drunken awards show moments. Remember seeing Mariah Carey drunk at the People's Choice Awards? Well it reminded us of the reason we watch Awards Shows: we love watching as stars come out for a night of recognition - and booze. Lots of booze. Here are the best drunk awards show moments that celebrities wish we hadn't YouTubed. Famous people being drunk at awards shows is as American as apple pie. 

These 10 cases are extra special though. So what makes the best drunken awards show moments? Take a look and see some of the celebrities in very rare form.
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    1967 While introducing a musical performance at the 2004 American Music Awards, Anna Nicole Smith ...

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    1933 Joan Rivers delivered her most insulting jokes under the influence at Australia's 2006 Logies ...

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    1957 Dan Castellaneta delivered every Simpsons fanatic's dream speech at the 2005 ITV Comedy ...

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    1952 At the 2009 EMA Awards, the Hoff "represented" the best Rock Award by giving a short ...

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    1981 Britney Spears Live at the 2007 Video Music Awards was a new level of sad for Britney. Her ...

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    1985 She doesn't usually do this, but...well actually, Lily Allen usually does. At the 2008 GQ ...

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    This was the biggest WTF during a Bob Dylan performance since he went "rock" at a ...

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    1977 Kanye West's idiotic rampage at the infamous 2009 VMAs got everybody talking. After sippin' on ...

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    1932 Yes, the video is a little bit hazy, but so was Elizabeth Taylor's night at the 2001 Golden ...


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