Top 11 Best Drunken Awards Show Moments People
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Top 11 Best Drunken Awards Show Moments

A list of the best drunken awards show moments. Remember seeing Mariah Carey drunk at the People's Choice Awards? Well it reminded us of the reason we watch Awards Shows: we love watching as stars come out for a night of recognition - and booze. Lots of booze. Famous drunk actors are the best kind of actors, right? Here are the best drunk awards show moments that celebrities wish we hadn't YouTubed. Famous people being drunk at awards shows is as American as apple pie. 

These 10 cases are extra special though. From Anna Nicole Smith drunk, to other celebrity award shows moments brought to you by alcohol, there is lots of fun to be had on this list. So what makes the best drunken awards show moments? Take a look and see some of the celebrities in very rare form.

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    age 52 11/14/2014- At the Hollywood Film Awards, Johnny Depp introduced the Shep Gordon documentary Supermensch, and seemed, um, pretty wasted. "Thas suh weirdess micaphone I've everseen in my

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    Died at 40 (1967-2007) While introducing a musical performance at the 2004 American Music Awards, Anna Nicole Smith made a fool of herself while stumbling over her sentences and talking jibberish. She then went on talking

  4. 4

    Died at 81 (1933-2014) Joan Rivers delivered her most insulting jokes under the influence at Australia's 2006 Logies Awards. From Tom Cruise to Mel Gibson to, really, the entire auditorium, nobody was safe from her jabs

  5. 5

    age 58 Dan Castellaneta delivered every Simpsons fanatic's dream speech at the 2005 ITV Comedy Awards. With the help of some booze, he accepted his award in full Homer Simpson character.

  6. 6

    age 63 At the 2009 EMA Awards, the Hoff "represented" the best Rock Award by giving a short lecture on the Berlin Wall. Now now big guy, come on now, have a cheeseburger.Spike TV's Video of this

  7. 7

    age 34 Britney Spears Live at the 2007 Video Music Awards was a new level of sad for Britney. Her drunken performance here had her stumbling, lip syncing a laugh and covering her mouth with little to no

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    age 30 She doesn't usually do this, but...well actually, Lily Allen usually does. At the 2008 GQ Awards, little miss drunkard got into a bit of a cat fight with Sir Elton John. The British are just funny

  9. 9

    This was the biggest WTF during a Bob Dylan performance since he went "rock" at a folk festival all those years ago.Bob Dylan is a true rockstar. He's seen so many things that he wasn't the

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    age 38 Kanye West's idiotic rampage at the infamous 2009 VMAs got everybody talking. After sippin' on his Hennessy, the dude just could not shut up. And neither can we. We know you've seen this, but this

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    Died at 79 (1932-2011) Yes, the video is a little bit hazy, but so was Elizabeth Taylor's night at the 2001 Golden Globe Awards. This is probably the biggest, and probably saddest, trainwreck at any awards show. A lot of

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