Top 10 Best Ke$ha Parodies (NSFW) Anything
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Top 10 Best Ke$ha Parodies (NSFW)

Now that everyone has finally stopped talking about Ke$ha and she seems to be on a wonderful, wonderful downslope in popularity, it's safe to say that the parodies about her have finally come to an end. With the recent addition of the Star Wars mash-up, we (the internet) have received what is pretty much the end-all be-all of Ke$ha YouTubes. So, what better time to compile the best ones? Here are the best times people have parodied or made fun of Ke$ha's ridiculous (s)hit song "Tik Tok".

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    This One Has Over Half a Million Views

    Out of all the different YouTube sing-a-longs and parodies we combed through compiling this list, this is easily one of the most popular. It almost didn't go on the list just because we felt bad. Like really, really bad.

    Just know: we're all going to hell for laughing at this.

    See you there.

  2. 5

    Simpsons Intro

    Proving once again that The Simpsons are WAY past their prime, this video shows the entire cast drawing attention to the pop culture impact of this song.

    At first it seems like they're making fun of it, and a lot of the beginning/end ARE a parody of the song, but after a while it looks like The Simpsons just ran out of intro ideas and like they were making an HOMAGE to the song.

    We're going to give Matt Groening and crew the benefit of the doubt, though, and assume they were making fun of the song.

    What do you think they were doing?

    Either way, here's the cast of The Simpsons singing the worst song in America.

    I'm kinda sad that nobody did the Bart-Man.

  3. 4

    (NSFW) "C*#-Shot" by That Cross-Dressing Chatroulette Guy

    Click the video below (not the embedded one) for the parody:

    Unfortunately, this is unembeddable here, but if you click on the YouTube link above, you'll find (one of) the most vulgar Ke$ha parody you'll see this side of this list (the second half of this list gets a little raunchier).

    Basically, it's just a base recitation of the most reprehensible words and ways to describe Ke$ha, the way she probably is and her lifestyle.

    And we find it absolutely hilarious.

    BONUS: Embedded video is the "making of" his parody.

  4. 3

    Ke$ha Gets An Intervention in "Glitter Puke"

    The saddest part of this video: this slightly above average looking chick who just happens to also be very funny is pretty much 20x hotter than Ke$ha herself and her voice sounds JUST like the real Ke$ha.

    This is a video that explores all the realistic ramifications of this ridiculously party-worshipping song that turned everyone in America into complete pieces of crap. From a crying family, to making her go to rehab, to the way someone would actually look/act if they did everything in the song, this parody takes it to the next level by making it real.

    Inaccuracy: She's lying with Grey Goose in the tub at first, which is WAY too classy for Ke$ha. Oh, comedy, when will you stop?

  5. 2

    "Sing-Talk" by College Humor

    Leave it to to find someone who looks a LOT better than Ke$ha, and even a little bit like Kristen Bell, to sing (better than Ke$ha does) about everything all of us were thinking when the song FIRST came out: why the hell is this human being famous? She's a complete and utter failure.

    Anyway, the name of the original song is "Tik Tok". The name of this one is "Sing-Talk", which the video says is all she can really do and if you've heard the song (which if you're reading this list or have been out in public during the last few months, you have), you know that they are 100% correct.

  6. 1

    Star Trek TOS Parody/Mash-Up

    This brilliantly put together Ke$ha parody comes from a YouTuber that made his living doing Star Trek. That is the only possible explanation for being able to think of all of these scenes in the context of Ke$ha. If not, then God help us all, because we have found the smartest man a live.

    It's very much a literal representation of the lyrics, as most of these are, that makes you realize how similar all of us really are to Ke$ha (and why she's the worst person alive), and how absolutely RIDICULOUS a lot of Star Trek (The Original Series) really was. Gotta love Star Trek.

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