Top 10 Best Ke$ha Parodies (NSFW) Anything
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Top 10 Best Ke$ha Parodies (NSFW)

Now that everyone has finally stopped talking about Ke$ha and she seems to be on a wonderful, wonderful downslope in popularity, it's safe to say that the parodies about her have finally come to an end. With the recent addition of the Star Wars mash-up, we (the internet) have received what is pretty much the end-all be-all of Ke$ha YouTubes. So, what better time to compile the best ones? Here are the best times people have parodied or made fun of Ke$ha's ridiculous (s)hit song "Tik Tok".

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    Midnight Beast Version

    This is probably the most popular cover of this song and actually has its moments. Even though the guy looks like (read: is) a complete douchebag, this parody really does have its moments.

    It's hilarious some of the Flight of the Concordsesque flubs he makes here and there and some of the timing of the lyrics.

    The hardest part is getting through how hipster-y and douchey these guys look. If you can get that behind you, then you'll actually enjoy this clever version of this inexplicably popular song.

    All of these things (including this list) just draw more attention to this song and Ke$ha herself, which in of itself is an evil act... but it's just SO EASY to make fun of!

    Oh internet, what have we done?

  2. 9

    The Snooki Song

    This is a really well-done stab at Snooki from Jersey Shore and everything she did during the first season of the breakthrough MTV show that humanized all the douchebags we have always hated.

    Guidos, Guidettes, getting punched in the nose, loving guys who are of a certain build and randomly eating pickles all the time are just a few of Snooki's shortcomings (no pun intended... she's very short); but this song wraps up everything we know about her into one nice, neat little package.

    This actually wouldn't be a bad "Previously On..." for Jershey Shore Season 1.

    Also stars a kinda cute Italian chick. Is that okay? Can we find her attractive?

  3. 8

    Chik Kok (NSFW, Very Vulgar, Obviously)

    Title of the song is "Tik Tok", this video is about a crosdressing redneck trying to attract a bunch of dudes, when it's obvious that he's a guy.

    A GREAT stab at Ke$ha, but a horrible, horrible sight for humanity.

    The name of this song is "Chik Kok".

    I'm sure you can imagine what the chorus is about.

    WARNING: this is by far the most vulgar video on this list and we apologize if you're dumb enough to view this at work.

    Your friend,

    The Internet

  4. 7

    Tik Tok (Cops Version, Very Satirical, Kinda Racist)

    So if this wasn't so OBVIOUSLY satirical it would be one of the most racist things I've ever seen.

    It IS making light of police brutality and racial profiling in general, though, and glorifying it in order to make a point that it's an absolutely ridiculous practice.

    Why they decided that the tune of Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" was the best way to convey this, though, is beyond all reason and comprehension.

    People on YouTube are often very bored and making all kinds of ruckuses that probably take a LONG time to put together and if the world had a substitute teacher, she would be giving all of them busy work.

  5. 6

    This One Has Over Half a Million Views

    Out of all the different YouTube sing-a-longs and parodies we combed through compiling this list, this is easily one of the most popular. It almost didn't go on the list just because we felt bad. Like really, really bad.

    Just know: we're all going to hell for laughing at this.

    See you there.

  6. 5

    Simpsons Intro

    Proving once again that The Simpsons are WAY past their prime, this video shows the entire cast drawing attention to the pop culture impact of this song.

    At first it seems like they're making fun of it, and a lot of the beginning/end ARE a parody of the song, but after a while it looks like The Simpsons just ran out of intro ideas and like they were making an HOMAGE to the song.

    We're going to give Matt Groening and crew the benefit of the doubt, though, and assume they were making fun of the song.

    What do you think they were doing?

    Either way, here's the cast of The Simpsons singing the worst song in America.

    I'm kinda sad that nobody did the Bart-Man.

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