Top 10 Best Ke$ha Parodies (NSFW) Anything
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Top 10 Best Ke$ha Parodies (NSFW)

Now that everyone has finally stopped talking about Ke$ha and she seems to be on a wonderful, wonderful downslope in popularity, it's safe to say that the parodies about her have finally come to an end. With the recent addition of the Star Wars mash-up, we (the internet) have received what is pretty much the end-all be-all of Ke$ha YouTubes. So, what better time to compile the best ones? Here are the best times people have parodied or made fun of Ke$ha's ridiculous (s)hit song "Tik Tok".

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    Star Trek TOS Parody/Mash-Up

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    This brilliantly put together Ke$ha parody comes from a YouTuber that made his living doing Star Trek. That is the only possible explanation for being able to think of all of these scenes in the context of Ke$ha. If not, then God help us all, because we have found the smartest man a live.

    It's very much a literal representation of the lyrics, as most of these are, that makes you realize how similar all of us really are to Ke$ha (and why she's the worst person alive), and how absolutely RIDICULOUS a lot of Star Trek (The Original Series) really was. Gotta love Star Trek.

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