Top 10 Best Football Players Ever Football Players (American)
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Top 10 Best Football Players Ever

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    Jerry Rice has the record for most touchdowns (207), most receiving yards (22,895), Most catches (1,549), most TD catches (197). The 1,549 receptions are 447 more than second place Marvin Harrison, The 22,895 receiving yards are 7,961 ahead of Runner-up Tim Brown. His 197 receiving touchdowns are 49 ahead of the next highest, Randy Moss. LaDainian Thomas has the second most touchdowns at 153 compared to his 207. It is obvious that Jerry Rice is the best.

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    You might be wondering why Barry Sanders is above Jim Brown or Walter Payton, the reason is that he had a terrible line, mediocre defense, and the quarterback situation was a joke. It was so bad that defenses put nine in the box knowing that they couldn't do anything with the passing game. He was the first player to have 5 1500 yard seasons. He averaged 5.0 yards per carry. He had 15,269 yards in his career, the third most of all time behind Emmitt Smith and Walter Payton. He had 99 touchdowns the 8th most of all time, and would have the rushing yards title if he didn't retire at the brink of the record and only a 10 year season.

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    Lawrence Taylor was the best defensive player ever. He was extremely intimidating and had 142.5 sacks and is the only linebacker to ever win an NFL MVP. He went to 10 pro bowls, was a 9 time first team all pro selection, 2 super bowl championships, 3 time defensive player of the year, and many more awards. He gave the league something it had never seen before and couldn't be stopped.

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    With 4 super bowl titles, and MVP in 3 of them, Joe Montana is the best quarterback of all time. He has 31 fourth-quarter comebacks. This Hall of Famer went to 8 pro bowls. He had 35 300 yard passing games, and 7 of them where over 400 yards. He had 273 touchdown passes, 40,551 yards passing, and rushed 1,676 yards with 20 touchdowns.

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    Jim Brown  averaged 104.3 yards a game. (The only player to average over 100) and 5.2 yards per carry. Jim Brown was ahead of his time. Who knows how his career would of been if it weren't so short.T

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    Walter Payton known as "Sweetness" had the most consecutive seasons leading the league in rushing 4, He is arguably the most versatile player ever.  He has 110 rushing touchdowns, 75 receiving touchdowns, and 8 passing touchdowns.

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