Top 10 Best Spike Jonze Directed Music Videos Anything
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Top 10 Best Spike Jonze Directed Music Videos

Spike Jonze is one of the most visionary directors out there with movies like Being John Malkovich under his belt as well as his much anticipated Where the Wild Things Are adaptation. But before that he was the king of music videos so I present the top 10 greatest Spike Jonze Directed Videos

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    I rarely meet anyone who remembers the band Wax... but EVERYONE remembers "That video with the guy on fire". The song is hardly 2 minutes long, the video clip itself is only 30 seconds or so just slowed down but the elements make it AMAZING. For starters, you're not looking at a special effect, the man running really is on fire but even more impressive to me is the fact that it's so perfectly timed that we get to see the band members doing things like throwing a bottle into a trash can and it looks awesome.

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