The Top 10 Best Spike Jonze Directed Music Videos

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Spike Jonze is one of the most visionary directors out there with movies like Being John Malkovich under his belt as well as his much anticipated Where the Wild Things Are adaptation. But before that he was the king of music videos so I present the top 10 greatest Spike Jonze Directed Videos

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    Easily my all-time favorite music video, Bjork's simple song shows us that the whole world can be a musical with just a little bit of imagination. The video is so fitting to the song that it's hard to listen to the song and not see the images created from it and I suppose that's the whole point of Music Videos (and one of the reasons that I guess video kicked the radio star as they say)
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    The video is Christopher Walken Dancing... I don't think the pitch meeting for this video went much further than that. I mean can you go wrong with that concept? Watch the video and you will see the answer is "no. it's impossible to f**k that one up"
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    This is easily the video that made Spike a house-hold name because it completely blew everyone's mind. I don't think I'm out of line by saying that the first time I saw this video was equal to the way people talk about the first time they saw star wars or heard Nirvana. The blending of Happy Days footage and Weezer performing was so mind-bending at the time that everyone in america was going "HOW DID THEY DO THAT!?"
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    The Beastie Boys have almost NEVER made a bad music video and it's even difficult to decide what their best one is or their most famous... but Sabatoge is easily in their top 5. In a loving tribute to 70's cop-dramas they created a video that became one of the many examples of experimental music video making
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    Spike taught the 4 MC's of Pharcyde to rap backwards and then films them rapping backwards while doing simple things like "stripping". When the footage is reversed and synched up it becomes one of my favorite music video watching experiences of all time.
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    I rarely meet anyone who remembers the band Wax... but EVERYONE remembers "That video with the guy on fire". The song is hardly 2 minutes long, the video clip itself is only 30 seconds or so just slowed down but the elements make it AMAZING. For starters, you're not looking at a special effect, the man running really is on fire but even more impressive to me is the fact that it's so perfectly timed that we get to see the band members doing things like throwing a bottle into a trash can and it looks awesome.
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    In movies it's typically considered "cheap comedy" to just have kids curse for the sake of humor. Spike Jonze didn't make kids curse, but he did make them play celebrity look-a-like in one of Biggie Small's most memorable Music videos.
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    Dinosaur Jr was more of an Indie favorite than it was a huge Mainstream band. Regardless Spike Jonze's uncanny sense of bizarre surrealism was at it's peak when he came up with a music video of two guys just riding around the streets of new york playing a game of golf

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