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Top 10 Best Spike Jonze Directed Music Videos

Spike Jonze is one of the most visionary directors out there with movies like Being John Malkovich under his belt as well as his much anticipated Where the Wild Things Are adaptation. But before that he was the king of music videos so I present the top 10 greatest Spike Jonze Directed Videos

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    I remember seeing this video for the first time on Beavis & Butthead. It wasn't until the release of the Spike Jonze Director's Collection that I realized that Spike directed this comedic video for a no-hit wonder white rapper but it makes sense. Despite the lack of career that MC 900-ft Jesus had, this video is still a fun watch.
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    What a fun music video idea! The video is the MAKING OF A MUSIC VIDEO! At the end of the video you get a fun minute long zombie short. This was the epic return of Spike Jonze after taking a break to direct films and I welcome it with open arms.
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    In movies it's typically considered "cheap comedy" to just have kids curse for the sake of humor. Spike Jonze didn't make kids curse, but he did make them play celebrity look-a-like in one of Biggie Small's most memorable Music videos.
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    Spike taught the 4 MC's of Pharcyde to rap backwards and then films them rapping backwards while doing simple things like "stripping". When the footage is reversed and synched up it becomes one of my favorite music video watching experiences of all time.
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