Top 10 Books to Make You Feel Good Books
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Top 10 Books to Make You Feel Good

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    Nothing makes you feel better than the HP series. From beginning to end, JK Rowling delivers a stunning world of mischief and magic with heartfelt characters that leave you cheering for Harry, Ron and Hermonie. Classic books
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    Overall, this novel will make you smille. With Owen's quick wit, charming persuasion and optimistic outlook on life, this book will make you wish you could meet a fellow quite so extraordinary.
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    Ironically, this novel takes a bad situation and turns it humorous. Jeannette will leave you baffled by her outlandish upbringing but quite optimistic reflection. If you don't come out on the other side laughing at least you'll think to yourself "glad it wasn't me>"
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    You know those books that make you feel like karma finally served its purpose? Will this is one of them. You will find yourself cheering from the sideline and growing fond of Kathryn's delightful and fresh characters.
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    Overcoming adversity will always leave a reader feeling light and happy and this novel is no exception. From the get go it divuldges into
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