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The Top 10 British Sitcoms

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Here are my Top 10 British Sitcoms. My previous, and first, list reached the homepage of Ranker so I've followed up with a topic that's near and dear to my heart. British Comedy. Enjoy.
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    I was torn on my number 10. Either Porridge or Men Behaving Badly. I went with MBB because I think it had more of a connection with me growing up in the 90s. It's a lads sitcom through and through and the whole show felt like your best mate. Great show.
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    Shame it only ran for two series but Fawlty Towers is a well loved sitcom for, let's face it, John Cleese's potrayel of the bumbling hotel owner Basil Fawlty. Like a train, we watched Basil from the start to finish, slowly ticking along to an eventual breakdown. It's a masterclass in sitcom making.
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    My father loved Dad's Army, so I grew up watching this. I still love it today. Just fine actors playing well written characters that interact beautifully on screen and with so much history to dig into for episode content, it never gets old or boring. I love it.
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    A great comedy creation. Alan Partridge is so blatant it's cringe-worthly funny. He know what he likes, he knows what he wants and he'll tell you if you're not just that. His image comes first leading to awkward situations where he tries to back out and ends up digging many holes. Just pure creative genius.
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    The US version was okay. ... The British version is brilliant. Ricky Gervais' David Brent is everyone's boss, it's so relatable it works on many levels. Every kind of stereotype of the everyday office is represented. Matched with the directing and writing styles that as made Gervais and Merchant famous, this is was a work of art.
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    A rather odd entry for number 5. It may be too soon to add this so high on the list but I feel it's well deserved. A lot of people "don't get" The Mighty Boosh. I, however, do and I feel it's the best Sitcom of the 21st Century so far. With it's odd array of bizzare characters, musical interludes and whimsical humour, it's able to tap into the current generation, in a world where much goes unsolved, I dare anybody to figure out the world of The Mighty Boosh.
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    Only Fools And Horses work... and so does this sitcom on so many levels. It will make you laugh, cry, and bring you closer to your own family. No other sitcom has touched so many people because making it in this world is tough and we can all connect with the Trotter Family, trying everything they can to live the life they want. To be successful. Of course, when it comes down to it, John Sullivan, RIP, is my favourite British Comedy Writer and I believe the very best. The characterizations and the writing mesh so well that we fell in love with the whole cast. It's a legacy that shall not be beaten.
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    No sitcom is as witty and articulate and insightful as Blackadder. Bringing history into a new light while twisting it to fit the life of history's greatest moaner, Edmound Blackadder. Some may view this as just Blackadder was great but I felt it was the way Blackadder played off the supporting cast was what made this show great. Rowan Atkinson's finest character, sorry Bean, was able to span years of history being able to evolve from a dim wit to the smartest man on the front line. Blackadder is a masterpiece of british comedy.
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